Property Agent, Interior Designer Affiliate Partnership

Singapore Curtains Affiliate Program

Are you an Interior Designer?
Or a Property Agent?

Have any clients who wants quality blinds, curtains or wallpaper wallpaper
as well as looking for a company who knows their products well
and has one of the most competitive rates in Singapore, we have something for you!

We are currently offering a whopping 10% referral fee for interior designer firms
and property agents who has clients who are looking for a great curtain & blinds company for their home, shop house, office or even buildings

Do not worry, we are not adding the additional 10% referral fee to your clients,
we are absorbing 100% of the cost!

You will earn an additional 10% referral commission from the total sales invoice!
Your clients will not incur additional cost!
Your clients will have a great curtain & blinds company who knows what they are doing
to do up their blinds and curtains wallpaper.

It is a triple win situation! That is what we want!

Call us or come down to our office to find out more!

All referral commission will be paid out immediately after the customer is
happy with our work and pay us the full amount.

Our Flyers can be found here:

You may print out the Flyers and send them to potential customers if you want.



100% satisfaction guaranteed