4 Ways To Choose The Right Curtain For Your Living Room

Home is where the heart lies and when you are in your safe haven, the decoration of your room definitely lifts your mood to let you be away from all the tensions of deadlines, work pressure and worldly competitions. In case you are staying in Singapore, you are definitely lucky since you can enjoy a favorable season throughout the year and do not have to face excessive humidity as well. This lets you decorate your living room as you like so that you do not compromise with anything. Talking about living room, curtains play a great part in the overall décor. Curtain for living room are functional as well as stylish and serve dual purpose of protecting the home from getting excess Sunrays by acting as a shield and adding that required glamour to the rooms.

Choosing the right curtains:
But just like a right curtain for living room can do the trick with your living room, getting a wrong curtain ensures that not only the style of the rooms get hampered, but at times it does more bad than good. So here are the 4 ways to choose the right curtain for your living room so that you never go wrong with them:

Choose the Color that compliments:

It is imperative that such colors should be chosen that perfectly compliment the living area. In case if the walls are bright, you can choose the curtain for living room that is more subtle in color and add to the brightness and if the walls are light colored, the bright colored curtains are going to compliment the texture. This apart, keeps a note of the furniture’s and their colors. Do not go for black curtains since that would not create any effect and will look like a hanged cloth. Go for layered colors that are bright, bold and sublime at the same time.


The length of the curtain for living room should neither be too long nor too short. Instead make a note to measure the length of the window or door where you need the curtain to be placed and buy a curtain accordingly. Ensure that there are cotton linings if there is too much sun ray, thermal lining if it is cold and blackout lining to get a cozy atmosphere during the day.

Custom window:

The custom windows are very popular nowadays. All you need to do is measure the height of your windows or doors and order these custom windows. They are great for style and are extremely useful as well, though they may be a little tight for the pocket.


Ensure that the fabric used is of the highest quality. Considering the pollution of Singapore, it is imperative that there is a curtain near every window and door. So any fabric made of cheap material would wear and tear after some time. Thus while buying curtains, you must keep one thing in mind, you must ever focus solely on the price, but also on the quality of the fabric. Ensure that the material is not very heavy and not too light as well. Too much heavy curtain will attract a lot of dirt whereas sheer curtains will get dirty and not be very protective as well.

Curtain for living room are a must when you are staying in the main part of Singapore, largely because of so much pollution and dirt that gets accumulated in your living room almost every day. With these 4 tips, choose the curtain that best suits your purpose and add wonders to the décor.