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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Roller Blinds

Roller blinds make for a great window treatment for any room. This works well in rooms with large windows or those with fantastic views. The advantage with roller blinds is that they simply roll away and go into the recess provided above leaving the whole window free from obstructions unlike curtains or blinds. If you have limited wall space then fitting your windows with roller blinds is an option worth exploring. Many modern Singapore homes sport glass walls. These provide fabulous views of the surrounding landscape or city lights. Opt for roller blinds as the window treatment for these floor to ceiling walls and enjoy bright sunshine in the mornings and city lights in the night.

Tips On Choosing Roller Blinds

Here we will share 5 tips to choosing the right roller blinds for your home in Singapore:

Room Decor

Choose blinds that suit your room decor. Home that are decorated in the traditional style need blinds that complete that look, those designed with a contemporary look and feel will require modern blinds with minimalist look and feel. Of course budget is a limiting factor when making these choices. But, there are a wide variety of options that both suit your budget and design of the room so no need to despair. Pick blinds that you are comfortable with in terms of operating, maintenance and looks.

Hand Operated Or Mechanized

These blinds are ideal for large windows. They can be operated by hand or through a motorized mechanism. At the push of a button the blinds will roll away and be hidden from view offering clear views through the windows or glass walls. Blinds are available as inside mounted or outside mounted blinds, shades which roll over the window frame or under the frame or continuous cord loops. Choose an option that best suits your tastes and needs.

Brightness Vs Privacy

If you do not wish to have single big roller blind then opt for sectional blinds which can be set up at different heights so you can enjoy brightness from top section of the one part of the window while having complete privacy from prying eyes by keeping the other blinds down. There are other options too like blackout blinds for entertainment rooms and nurseries, room darkening blinds for bedrooms, light filtering blinds for living rooms which offer privacy and brightness at the same time.

Cordless Vs Corded Blinds

If you have pets or kids at home choose safer option like cordless blinds. Corded blinds are a great attraction for small kids and pets and can result in serious accidents if left unattended.


Choose the material of your blind depending on room you are going to use them in. In kitchen and bathrooms where moisture and grime can easily adhere to the blinds use vinyl blinds as they can easily be cleaned. Aluminum blinds are light weight and complement living rooms with wrought iron furniture while wooden blinds are a superb choice for that luxurious look and feel. They suit any type of home and make a style statement at once unique and rich. If you can't afford them then choose low cost options like imitation wood blinds. Fabric blinds are another low cost option for these type of blinds.

The above tips should help you pick roller blinds that best suits your needs and your home in Singapore.
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