6 Advantages Of Curtains Over Blinds

Once you think of the interior plan of your home, the manner in which you are going to cover the windows is indeed very essential. On this short editorial, we are going to see 6 advantages of curtains over blinds.

Dependable and Cost Effective

High quality and reliable curtains are usually very cost effective as compared to blinds, which prone to be less reliable on the pole especially as the prices of curtains have been significantly minimized since the express and ready-made making services were introduced.

You can control curtains remotely

You can fix electric curtain tracks to enable you control the curtains from any place of your armchair. You might be coming from work after a hard working day whereby you will just control your curtains with a remote. When on vacation, people normally use automatic light-switching machines although the curtains should be half-open so, you can set those electric curtains to close and to open at certain times every day, giving a notion that there is somebody at home. On the other hand, you can fix a light sensor to close and open the curtains during daytime.

Curtains add visual stylishness to your room

Whereby both horizontal and vertical blinds cover the windows only and add a little appearance and feel of your room, but for the curtains and their furniture add certain elegance to your room. Curtain poles are available in a huge range of styles from wood effect ones to plain metal curtain poles. The decorative trimmings of the curtain shafts come in all sizes and shapes, therefore you are certain that you will get the style that will suit your room.

You can easily hang curtains

If you want to adjust your curtains, you just have to unhook those curtains from the curtain shafts and then fix the hooks to the other curtain and you are through. To replace the vertical blinds, you will have to unhook every blind from the other, unclipping every blind carefully as you can easily break the plastic, and then go through the whole vice verse process of putting them back. Other blinds have to be isolated all in one where you can easily break them when taking them down or putting back.

Easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning, you can easily clean curtains as blinds can trap dust very easily and fast and especially the horizontal ones. Those people suffering from dust allergies and asthma, curtains are good for them since they require small care to keep them presentable and clean. For the curtains, you just have to vacuum the poles whenever there is an event but for the blinds, you have to service them now and then.

Increased fitting flexibility

Nowadays, the modern windows along with patio doors do open inwards leaving a small gap to fix. For those curtain poles with as little as 5mm and those that can be recess affixed into a ceiling, they will leave a big space for a door or window to open inwards.  These are just some of the advantages of curtains over blinds as there are other many. Just find out more about curtain poles and fitting options.