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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Installing Blinds

Office blinds on the windows can add a touch of seclusion and privacy to your office space. For many years, blinds have been used to cover the windows and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. In the modern age, blinds are manufactured from a lot of different materials, including metal, wood and fabric. Most of the inexpensive blinds come with chords to control the movement. However, you can also buy machine operated window blinds which are controlled by remote controls.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Blinds

When we talk about installing blinds in your office, you can choose from a lot of different options. Blinds can be easily installed above or with the curtains and casement. You can even use special rods for this purpose. Installation of office blinds will determine their efficiency and functionality. 
In case you want to equip your office windows with blinds, you need to focus on installation. There are some common mistakes you should avoid. In this post, we’ve discussed 7 such mistakes which you should avoid while installing office blinds. 
Measuring Inside Mount 

Most people trying to install blinds on their own forget to take precise measurements of the inside mount. You need to measure the precise distance between the side jambs of your window frame considering three aspects, including bottom, top and sides. You need to take note of the smallest measurement. It is also important to measure the accurate height of your window frame from the sides and middle. In this case, you need to note down the largest measurement. You also need to measure the width of your window frame. 
Measuring Outside Mount 

This is another common mistake. While installing office blinds, most people forget about measuring the outside mount. It is important to measure the width, height and breadth of your window from all the sides. If your window has not been trimmed, you should add a few inches on both sides to make adjustments. Similarly, you should also add some inches at the bottom of your window for blocking lights, and at the top to fix hardware. 
Mounting Brackets 

While installing blinds in your office, you need to give much importance to mounting brackets. You should carefully hold one of these brackets where it is to be installed, and mark the points where you will install the screws. You should only use a high quality power drill to make holes on these points. Once you’re done, you need to fix the bracket in this position. The same procedure should be used to install other brackets. 
Head Rail 
Once you’ve fixed all the brackets, you should not forget the head rail. Blinds should be installed in the head rails properly. You should carefully hang the head rail on a mounting bracket, lock the rails and fix them properly. 

 Many people overlook the importance of valance. You need to bring the valance on the right place, and properly line up ends with rails. Once you’re done, you need to cut the excess length of the valance with a sharp scissor or knife. Lastly, install the valance on the head rail. 
Holding Down Clips

 Just like every other step in the installation process, it is very important to properly hold down clips. You need to position the clip with the side jamb of your window frame at a specific height. With a pencil marker, you should once again mark the position of screws. You need to use a power drill and make a pilot hole to fix the clips to your side jamb. The same should be done with the other clip on the opposite side. 

At times, wider blinds have brackets at the center. This bracket should be attached at the primary frame of your window. It is always better to keep the pull’ string of the blinds out of your children’s reach to avoid accidents. 
Hire Professionals 

Last but not the least, many people overlook the importance of hiring professionals for installing office blinds. Installation of blinds in your office ensures privacy, aesthetic appeal and sense of professionalism. For some people, installing blinds may be a difficult task. However, they still spend their time trying to install blinds on their own. 
You should always hire a professional for the job. Most companies selling office blinds offer installation services. These days, you can even find a lot of companies online offering their services at affordable prices. Just make sure you hire a reputed company for buying and installing blinds in your office. 

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