All About Curtains Singapore

Curtains are a common window treatment that is adopted for more than just aesthetic appeal. These multipurpose window accessories are useful for blocking or obscuring the harsh sun, offer privacy, and protection from cool weather conditions. Often purchased to match or contrast the interior of the room, curtains are a piece of purchase that should be well thought. Here is a few suggestion to consider to buy curtains online or in retail to ensure the best choice.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing them
1. Measurement

Buying curtains online or in stores should not be an arbitrary purchase. It is vital to measure it appropriately to ensure a snug yet elegant fit.

Measuring Width:

One should evaluate before the purchase, whether the curtains will be suspended from a rod or track. The best way to ensure a great fit is measuring the overall width of the rod adding an extra 2.5 cm for overlapping when they are closed.

Measuring Length:

Based on personal preference one should decide if the curtains will fall to the sill, below the sill, or to the floor. Sill length curtains typically fall about 1.25 cm above the sill. Curtains falling below the sill should fall about 15 cm below the sill and curtains intended to fall to the floor should land about 1.5 cm above the floor or trail on the floor.

2. Fabrics

They can be purchased in a type of fabrics, each having its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right fabric for a window curtain can accentuate the decor.


Sheer ones are usually made of lace and net, allowing light to pass through with ease, providing least protection against cold or light and minimal privacy. Although sheer window curtains are often used in conjunction with heavier ones to add a touch of beauty to the room.

Lightweight Curtains

Lightweight curtains can be found in silk, voiles, and linen, that provide homeowners with a good a level of privacy, control light, and provide an average protection against noise and cold.

Medium Weight Curtains

Medium weight curtains fashioned from cotton and canvas fabric, provide suitable protection against cold, and good blockage of light and noise.

Heavyweight (Thick) Curtains

Heavyweight curtains are available in fabrics such as suede, denim, velvet, and more. Helps keep out maximum light and noise and offering optimal protection against cold drafts.

3. Curtain Headers

Apart from fabric, it is also categorized based on the headers, usually dependent on the track or rod the consumer has installed.

Pencil Pleat:

Pencil pleats are called so by their close narrow folds, which create a pleat-like appearance and can be installed on a track or rod.

Have eyelets or holes, typically made out of metal to be hung by a rod and are not appropriate for track-hanging.

Tab Top:

Tab top ones are hung from a curtain rod by external loops placed at the top of the curtains.

When buying curtains one can avail from a large variety, picking the perfect set of window or door curtains online with ease. However, one should buy door or window curtains online from trusted retailers to have an opportunity for easy exchange in case of misfits or flaws.

What are the benefits of curtains over the blinds in Singapore?

When deciding whether to use blinds or curtains in Singapore, it can be very easy to hit a brick wall when it comes to making the right decision. Each of these window coverings seems to be so different; you can’t compare them, can you? While one would think that the answer to this question would be no, there are actually some advantages for choosing curtains:

1. Insulation provisions

The use of curtains in Singapore is highly efficient in keeping the heat inside the room during cold time. For extra insulation, they can be interlined with a think material that is also successful in keeping heat in. Unlike blinds, curtains finish closer to the floor, helping to lessen draughts.

2. Easy to hang

If you paint your room and decide that you need to change the curtains to match, it is very easy to take down the old ones and replace them for ones in a more complementary color. You are reckoned to perform unhook them from the pole, attach the hooks to the new fabric and you’re good to go.

3. Tracks and shafts can be bent to fit a bay window

It is very hard for a blind to be mounted to a bay window, as it cannot simply be installed straight across. While some vertical blinds can be fitted to these windows, they don’t look anywhere near as nice as curtains in Singapore and can make space feel more like an office.

4. Hand, cord or electric operation

There is a lot of compliance when it comes to opening and closing curtains. Pulling them to either side of the window is the traditional method of operation; these days, however, they can also be operated with a cord or electronically to avoid touching the material.

5. Easy to clean

As blinds are known to be dust traps, using curtains in Singapore is more preferable for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. To clean, you are required to give the fabric a vacuum or even a dry clean on the odd occasion. If you have been tossing up between the use of blinds or curtains in Singapore, we hope that the above reasons have been more than enough to convince you that the latter is by far the better decision. Even if you think that your home would be better off thanks to one of the above advantages, it is well worth using curtains to achieve this.


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