Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

Can I wash curtain with washing machine? A short answer to the question would be “yes”. You can certainly wash curtains with the washing machine. However other aspects may also require some consideration before you try to wash the curtains in a washing machine.

Read on the article and guide below to know and find out when it would be most appropriate to use a washing machine for washing curtains.

Read the Care Instructions

Curtains do become spoiled and dirty over a period. You may want your home interiors to look clean and tidy, and the shiny, colorful, and clean curtains certainly add to the beauty and aesthetics of the interiors. However, before you start to wash a curtain, you should first look at the care instructions carefully.

It not only holds for the curtains but for other fabric items as well. The care instructions on the draperies and curtains will let you know whether you can machine-wash or whether they require dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Some curtains will have their care instructions stating clearly that they need to be dry cleaned. It is so because the linings and seams of certain washable fabrics may shrink during the wash.

In these cases, you need to choose dry cleaning. Dry cleaning may be suitable for curtains that and drapes having the swags, the stitched-in pleats, and the other kinds of elaborate or subtle ornamentation. Some fabric varieties like organza, silk, and velvet also need dry cleaning.

Special Fabrics

Certain special fabrics including velvet fabrics may be freshened up without any dry cleaning or wash. You only need to brush these fabrics from time to time by using an appropriate accessory (for instance a chamois cloth after dipping it in hot water and wringing it).

For the silk fabrics and curtains, you may require hand washing. Cool or lukewarm water and mild detergent can be used for cleaning silk fabrics. As said earlier, dry cleaning is the more appropriate option for these fabrics.

Preventing Sun Damage

Fabrics may lose their shine and color and become more fragile if they are exposed to sunlight regularly. When you are washing your curtains in a machine, you need to use lukewarm or cool water and choose gentle cycles. The use of mild detergents will ensure that the fabric does not lose its strength and color.

To prevent sun damage, you can put the clothes inside a dryer and apply the “delicate” or “no heat” setting for drying.

Use the Vacuum Cleaners

Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

While it is important to clean the dirty curtains, you may also need to use your vacuum cleaners for cleaning them from time to time. Use the long-handled and soft broom and the soft-brush attachment for cleaning the dirty curtains. Ensure that the suction power is reduced and the fabric does not draw into the nozzle.

The best way to prevent this suction is to place a piece of the plastic screen between the fabric and the nozzle. You can also put a nylon cloth or stocking over the vacuum’s nozzle and secure it with the rubber band.

Washing Curtains in Washing Machine

Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

You can wash a curtain in the washing machine (with appropriate setting) for fabric varieties including linen, nylon, cotton, and polyester among others. You should only be using cool and normal water for cleaning these curtain fabrics.

You should choose the dry cleaning for the organza, velvet, and silk curtains. It is important to remember that a gentle agitation setting is required for cleaning the curtains. Washing machines should also not be overloaded. If the volume is large, you can clean the curtains in multiple batches as well.

Once the curtains are cleaned, you can also put them in the dryer. Choose the gentle cycles and the “low heat” setting for around 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that any wrinkles are removed. Curtains once clean in the washing machine can also be put on a line where Sun and wind can dry them easily.

You can also spread and lay the curtains flat so that the drying is complete.

Washing Curtains with Rings

Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

Some curtains may also have rings to them (through which the hanging rods pass through the curtains). When you can wash the curtains along with the rings, there is a danger of chipping the rings off.

Therefore, it is important that you remove all the rings and other accessories that may be there on your curtain before you put them inside the washing machine. However, if the rings cannot be removed, you do not have any choice. In the latter case, you need to first fold the curtain after pulling it down from the hanging rod.

The curtain has to be folded in the same way as it is are when it is hung. Once the curtain is folded, put a small thread/rope inside rings and tie it. Now you can put the curtain inside the washing machine for cleaning.

Because the rings at the top of the curtain are tied and the curtain is folded, it will ensure that the rings do not get damaged during the time washing goes on. You can use an appropriate quantity of detergent and a mild and gentle agitation setting for the washing machine while cleaning the curtains.

Professional Laundry Services

Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

As long as the curtains fit inside a washing machine, you can certainly wash them through the method. Washing machines are powerful enough to clean a variety of fabrics and curtains. However, many people may not have larger washing machines that can fit the curtains.

In such scenarios, you can also choose professional laundry cleaning services and curtain companies that can do the task for you at an affordable cost. The washing and drying stores provide good service and a low turnaround time.

Because the curtains are large, you will have to run multiple cycles for washing them in your washing machine. Multiple curtains can be washed at the same time at professional laundry services, and it will use less electricity and effort as well.

Therefore, you can get certain cause benefits when you choose professional services for curtain cleaning. It may be a hassle-free and convenient option as well.


Can I Wash Curtain With Washing Machine?

So, can I wash the curtain with washing machine? While washing the curtains, it is important to know their fabric variety, which will help you choose the appropriate cleaning method for it. However, for a large range of curtain fabric varieties, the washing machine can be a suitable method.

Ensure that you first vacuum cleaner the curtains before cleaning them in a washing machine. It will reduce the stress on the machine and will ensure your superior cleaning. The professional curtain services are also a good option when you are short on time or do not have a large washing machine.

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