Comparison Between A Velvet Curtain And A Silk Curtain

Curtains bring glamor in a house in relation to the material used, the color or generally, the position where it is placed. They are a décor in a house and the most used are velvet and silk curtains which vary in terms of price, and maintenance. Whether it is a velvet curtain or a silk curtain, you will have a glamorous house still, however, it is important to consider some aspects.

Velvet Curtains

They are made from velvet which is a type of tufted fabric that is woven and the cut threads are consistently distributed with a pile of tiny dense and hence, having a unique feel.

Advantages of using velvet curtains

– They give a room that visual value:
 The curtains give the room an exclusive and classy air surrounding. This is a great aspect for those people who spend a lot of time indoors since a human being will adapt himself to the environment that they are in. In that line, if one lives in a disorganized, untidy room, they are most likely to have unwelcome ways of behavior and thinking. And in the same way, if you live in an elegant, ordered you will improve your outlook behavior and way of thinking.

– They are conducive for the wet season:
 they are thick and have dense fibers which help to insulate the room from cold and moisture. They also help to block dust and hazardous microscopic organisms from getting in the room. This is an advantage to people with allergies as they are prevented from such substances.

– They act as sound proofs if they are placed on the walls. 
That will boost your conversations confidentiality.

Disadvantage of Velvet Curtains

A con of using these curtains is that they have a propensity of accumulating dust and other microscopic organisms that are in the air. For that, they need a frequent cleaning, which can be exhausting and time consuming. They however are easy to clean if done in the direction of the fibers.

Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are of a fabric made from the fibers of insects like silkworms, which spin it to come up with a cocoon. Curtains that are made of silk usually have a fine touch, they are elegant and they are fragile in appearance. As a fabric, they have both advantages and disadvantages, however, how beautiful they look.

Advantages of Silk Curtains

– They make the room look glamorous:
 Whether a bedroom or a living room, the curtains will always make your room have that special class whenever you are in there.

– They are light friendly: 
A silk curtain will allow a good amount of light to get in the room since they have a light material and wind blow them easily and by that, light and fresh air freely flow in the room. They tend to allow more light than the velvet curtains which are much heavier.

– They are easy to install: 
All they need is a light curtain rod that can hold them on the window or the wall. They do not need to be nailed to the wall or a wooden plane when installing.

– They are easy to clean due to their tender material.
 If they have dust, you can use a cloth to beat the dust or they can be dismantled and washed normally either with the machine or at most preferably dry cleaning.

Disadvantages of Silk Curtains

– They are expensive:
 in comparison to velvet, silk curtains are expensive since it has an elegant look and it is a rare material in the market. Mostly, they are considered luxurious and so, always expect to cough out some more money.

– They are delicate: 
They are hard to take care of compared to velvet and mostly, it is recommended to dry clean it. It is advised to test a small part of the material before you can wash the entire curtain. You can also hand wash them separately in collection of color using a definite detergent for silk or a mild soap in order to maintain the natural look. Keep in mind that the curtains can be ruined if you twist or wring them.

Generally, a silk curtain is a unique décor in a room, but a velvet curtain is also one of its kind since the material is suitable, in dry seasons as they insulate the room as well as acting as sound proofs for enhanced confidentiality.