How Often Should I Clean My Curtains?

Curtains play an important role in your home. Curtains and drapes are more than just a decoration in the home. Curtains provide privacy and regulate the temperature in your home. When the weather is cold they help to hold heat in and keep the cold out. In the warmer months curtains help to keep the heat out of your home, and the cooler air inside. Taking care of your curtains will maintain the temperature in your home. Keeping your curtains clean will aid in having a healthier home.

The recommendation is that curtains should be washed every three to six months. Curtains and drapes tend to trap things such as household odors and allergens. There may not be any visible sign that your curtains or drapes are dirty. You may not see anything like dirt on the curtain, but that does not mean they do not need to be cleaned. A quick sniff test will tell you whether your curtains need to be cleaned.

Washing of curtain

Your curtains will trap the dust, dust mites, and seasonal allergens brought in by the wind, the people in your home, or by your household pet. Your dog can carry in the outside environment and shake these allergens and dander onto your curtains.

For those in your home with asthma it is vital to clean curtains and drapes regularly. Keeping the curtains clean can help to reduce the amount of asthma attacks, and cut down on allergic reactions.

Mold and mildew are hidden dangers that lurk in your curtains. Mold and mildew can lead to health issues such as respiratory problems. Insects and bugs may also use the curtains and drapes in your home as a breeding ground and a perfect place to lay their eggs.

Germs and bacteria can also accumulate in your curtains. Airing out the home and washing your curtains on a regular basis will help reduce the risks associated with germs and bacteria. Some types of bacteria found in homes are: Micrococcus, Staphylococcus (Staph), Bacillus, and Pseudomonas. Keeping your curtains clean will help diminish the bacteria in your home.

Different types of curtains will have different instructions on how to clean them properly. Some may be dry clean only or hand wash only. Read the label before starting the washing process.

Ways To Clean Your Curtains:

Check the label for special care instructions first.

Do a colorfast test using your detergent on an inconspicuous area of the curtain before washing.

Hand wash the drapes or curtains with a mild detergent, and hang to dry.

Machine wash on gentle in cool water.

Use a gentle spin cycle.

Dry on a no-heat setting.

How To Do A Colorfast Test:

Get a white washcloth damp Rub the cloth on the inside seam of the curtain.If any color comes off onto your cloth it is not colorfast safe, and the color will run when you wash it.

For a weekly cleaning of your curtains and drapes you can gently shake them out. You can also use a long handled duster to sweep the dust off the top of the curtains before shaking them out. If you have a clothes line you may hang them on the line, spray them with either Fabreze or a dry cleaning product. Leave them to hang in the sun for an hour to refresh your curtains.

In between washing your curtains and drapes every three to six months you may consider vacuuming your curtains and drapes. Use a long attachment and upholstery brush on your vacuum to clean the dust and tiny particles from the material.

After vacuuming if they still are not as fresh and clean as you would like, try using a fabric deodorizer like Febreeze on them. Follow the products instructions. You may also use a power steamer to help remove the dirt and odors.

Regularly wash your windows to keep them free from dust and allergens. Clean windows will help to keep your curtains and drapes cleaner.

Not sure if machine washing your curtains is a safe idea? You can purchase dry cleaning products to try at home. If time is an issue you can take your curtains and drapes to the dry cleaner.

Once the curtains are clean and hung back up you are left with a clean scent, less allergens, and can breathe easier.