How To Choose Motorised Blinds In Singapore?

Motorised blinds are one way of decorating and automating a house. They are remote controlled blinds that open and close by use of an electrical system.. They save one the effort, time that is spent closing, and opening blinds. They can be used both at residential houses and for commercial use such as in media houses. They come in different designs and colours. The choice to buy a specific type must be guided by several considerations.

Blinds must complement the look of the whole room. Most people in Singapore love bright colours for their houses. However, one could spice up the room by having a mix of colours more so the complementing ones. There are so may unique colours for one to choose from. Formal colours may be used in commercial places. For residential houses, it is great having flowery flow of colours.

Mode of opening
Secondly, one could go for blinds that open upwards, single opening or dual opening. Those that open upwards are ideal for small windows. They are efficient in small spaces and create a feeling of more room. For a very large window, a dual blind would do best. This is because it could allow one to blinds both extremes and be left with the central part. This is relevant to media houses that may need to control lighting into a room.

Safety is one of the major considerations to residential house user. Where the room has children and pets, it is advisable to choose a brand that has child safety features. This would prevent strangling and children getting stuck in the blinds. Several brands have added children safety features. It is advisable to ask the same at the selling outlet.

Light filter
The amount of light one would like to filter by use of blinds also affects the choice of a blind. One may wish to have a total blind or filter light to some level. One could filter too much light to the required level. This is practical on a very sunny day or in media houses and studios. One should then choose a type that offers the specific desired features.

Technical Configurations

One needs to know how the blind would be set up. Such requirements as source of power, wiring, mounting and control are important considerations. It is good to know the power rating and other electrical equipment that needs to be bought alongside the blind. The choice would be based on ease of use, low power consumption and good performance

Installation and Maintenance

Most outlets will include the cost of installation in their quote. There are types that one might install for himself or herself. However, it is advisable to have an electrician install for you. Like any other electrical installation, motorised blinds need periodic maintenance. One should ask the seller the estimated cost and intervals of periodic maintenance. This should be factored as part of the overall cost.

The price of a particular type would also come into play. Motorised blinds come with prices ranging from the cheap to premium priced brands. Depending on set budget, one should check the blind that takes into consideration all of the above at a cost effective price.