How to Choose Best Curtains for Your Home

Decorating your house is an overwhelming process. But you will have to do it in a right way. Decoration is the main thing that makes your home perfect and attractive. Curtain can draw a major impact on your overall home decoration. If you want to renovate your old decoration, then there is one thing that you cannot ignore- drapes. So, you will have to choose the best thing for your home in order to make it beautiful and attractive.

Some important factor:

There is some important factor that you should check at the time of buying the drapes or blinds for your home. There is a huge style and colour option available in the market. But you will have to check other things as well.

Privacy of the room:

The privacy is totally depending on the space of the room. If it is your bedroom, then you will definitely want the privacy for yourself. So, if you are selecting drapes for the living area, then you will have to choose the sheer one in order to allow the sunrays into that particular area. In the same way, you will have to choose the heavier fabric for your bedroom. In this way, you can prevent the more light.


The right mounted curtain will easily enhance your overall décor. The right type of drape can also make your room bigger. So, you will have to select the drapes according to these points:

You will have to measure the height and length from the hanging rod to floor. In this way, you can easily buy the perfect size blinds for your room.

You should also measure the width of the window. Now, you will have to decide how much portion of your window you want to cover. If you want the draped look, then you will have to choose the 3 times wider blinds for your window.


It is very important to check the material before buying one. Choice of fabric is the main element to think about. The fabric will decide the factor of light as well. So, you will have to choose it accordingly. If you want to make your room brighter with the sunrays, then you should choose the lighter fabric. The lighter fabric can easily pass the sunrays to the room and you will definitely feel free and comfortable with soft breezes. On the other hand, if you really want to block out the light and breeze, then you should go for the heavier one.

Style and colour:

Style and colour of the drapes are more important than anything. Your chosen style can make your room brighter than ever. The colour and the style of the drape can easily change the mood of the people. Your home will also get a new life with the changing colour and pattern. You can choose the bold and colourful one for your living place. But it is important to select the natural and suede one for your bedroom. You can also decorate your curtain with trims and accessories. But this kind of decoration will look better on the velvet and shiny fabrics. The shiny and sleek look will make your home perfect and bright.

Washing friendly:

You will have to clean it frequently in order to keep it bright and colourful. So, before buying the one, you should check its washing tips. There are many types of blinds or drapes that need the dry cleaning services. But if you select the washing machine friendly curtain, then you can wash it in the washing machine. This will save your extra cost of dry cleaning. So, before buying, you should check all these matter very carefully.

If you cannot take decision, you should go to the room décor specialists. They can help you in this regard. They know how to decorate your house as per your choice. Even they will suggest you the best thing that makes your home beautiful. You can also do some necessary research about the blinds and drapes. The colour of the drapes should be matched with your room colour and furniture. You should not buy these randomly. You will have to chalk out the whole interior in your mind before buying the right one.