How To Install Curtain Rod?

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Want to install curtains in your home? The beauty of a room is not only dependent on attractive wallpapers and furniture. It is also dependent on the curtains which hang from fine-looking curtain rods. Aside from making the room more classy and sophisticated, curtains also play a lot of different functions. In the day, curtains prevent excess sunlight from entering the room and maintain a cool temperature. It also shields dusts, pollution and other foreign materials from entering the room, thus promoting a healthy environment.

During the night, curtains shield the light from the outside so you can sleep comfortably. Curtains are also useful in providing privacy at home especially in Singapore where most individuals live in flats. In order to enjoy these benefits, you must choose a good quality curtain installed in an admirable, sturdy curtain rod. If you are wondering how you can install curtain rod, then this article will be of great help.

How To Install Curtain Rod?
Curtains play different roles during different times of the day. Curtain rods, which are used to hang curtains, also play major roles in making sure that the curtain provides you with benefits. Installing a curtain rod correctly for day and night function is very important. Your curtains will be useless unless you know how to use curtain rods properly. The following are simple steps on how to install day and night curtain rod.

1. Make measurements
Curtains in Singapore are not only used for windows. They can also be used as dividers for several rooms. Before you install a curtain rod, you must first measure the entire length of the window or the area that you will be dividing. Make sure that it extends a little on each of the edges of the window. Also, measure the length of the curtains you will be purchasing. This is to make sure that the curtains will not be touching the floor. Lastly, make sure that there is at least a distance from the ceiling to the curtain rod. There should also be at least a few inches from the upper length of the window to the curtain rod.

2. Purchase the rod, some bolts and the curtain
After determining the right measurement of your curtain rod, purchase it together with bolts which you will be using to connect to the wall. Curtain rods can be available in your local stores and even online. Make sure that the curtain rod you will purchase is made from high-quality materials.

You can also purchase curtains online. If you want high-quality curtains which provide day and night functions, you can visit Singapore Curtains at Singapore Curtains has long been providing different types of curtains which can be customized to fit your needs.

3. Install the curtain rod
You can now install the rods by screwing the bolts. Make sure to place the rod in the exact area where you have planned to install it. Lastly, place the curtains on the rods.