Is Curtain Or Blinds Better for Living Room?

Is Curtain Or Blinds Better for Living Room? When deciding to put blinds or curtains in your living room, there are several factors you need to consider. It obviously offers more light control, but if you’re working in a smaller space, blinds may be more practical.

After decades in the industry, we noticed two things, choosing the right window treatments is something you should do carefully as often seen blinds are curtains used inappropriately. And most times completely ignored when one or the other could significantly improve a living room space.

Here are the eight recommended factors you should consider when choosing a curtain or blind. Read on – Is Curtain Or Blinds Better for Living Room?

1. Considered the size of the living room

If you’re working with a smaller living room, space blinds may suit it better, or as large or living rooms often look much better when you use full-length curtains.

2. What level of light control do you need

Is Curtain For Blinds Better for Living Room?

Are you looking to create a space with a lot of natural light or do you need the ability to completely blackout or create a darker space to offer more privacy?

One treatment alone will rarely offer a solution to both these problems most times a combination of both curtains and blinds on offered a perfect solution to either letting in early morning light or completely blocking out light and evenings choosing carton is often the best option to control the light coming into your living room fitting them into a recess our pelmet will prevent any light escaping from the top.

By installing a wall-to-wall curtain it will create the highest grade of darkness you can in the living room. Using a line blind or prevents light from coming through the body, but you’ll always have some level of light escaping from the base or the sides.

Many people double their living rooms as their entertainment and media rooms, so choosing the correct window treatment is important.

3. Where your furniture is placed

When deciding between a curtain or a blind, placing the furniture in the living room is important. If you have a sofa or desk under the window blinds may be the easiest option, whereas a full-length curtain may not function as well in that space. For the money I’m blind in the living room, maybe more aesthetically pleasing.

4. The type and size of the windows

Is Curtain For Blinds Better for Living Room?

If you’re looking to work with French doors or double home windows, a curtain or blind can look perfect on both. It’s important to consider the treatment you choose when working with larger frameless glass walls especially in a new build talk to your architect and designer during the planning stage to discuss where your curtain hardware will need to be fitted and where the cartons will stack when they’re open.

If your living room has narrow windows controlling the light in these can be difficult using a curtain or blind. If you are looking for a treatment for an existing window, it’s advisable to have your curtain or blind at the same height. How you fit the rods for your curtain can also help you make a smaller window appear much larger.

5. Roller v Roman Blinds

When looking for a blackout blind Romans are by far the most effective, but rotor lines are more cost-effective, but unfortunately, they’re more problematic and less aesthetically pleasing

6. Safety concerns:

Is Curtain For Blinds Better for Living Room?

When you install blinds in the living room, although they offer less light control and may be more practical when working with a smaller living room space, you have some practical concerns you need to consider. Blinds come with an operating mechanism that can cause safety concerns for smaller children, so choosing the mechanism that is safe just for your needs is also a concern you need to consider.

7. The curtain or blind lining to use

Is Curtain For Blinds Better for Living Room?

Sunlight in Singapore can be incredibly harsh on different textiles so depending on which direction your living room window faces choosing the lining and fabric for either your curtain or blind is important. By choosing the correct lining you can decide the level of light that will penetrate your window treatment and impact the soft furnishings in your living room.

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