Is It Good For Curtain To Touch The Floor?

A few years ago curtains were not taken seriously, it was just an item to cover the window, door etc. however times have changed and more and more people have started paying attention to it. The value of a curtain cannot be underestimated whether it’s making the room look more appealing or maintaining the proper environment. More interior designers are transforming how we view curtains, each day different styles, colors and materials are used to make them.

Our main focus today however is not what a curtain is but rather how long should your curtain be i.e. should your curtain installation touch the floor? This particular question is being asked more frequently than you can imagine with different people coming up with various opinions about it. I have a friend who likes it when curtains ‘kiss the ground’ but she also complains that it kind of makes vacuuming the floor a little bit difficult.

Another friend of mine likes it when curtain ground installations hang half-way to the ground. His reason is too short but not dragging the ground is best. Currently, there is a huge demand for curtain installations that touch the ground. The short drops that were once common are being replaced by long inch curtain touch ground. The issue behind this is that the longer curtain installations do not require any custom adjustments. You can buy a ready-made and simply hang it without the trouble of first having them measured then made.

In Singapore for example, most homes have very tall ceilings hence the short inch curtains won’t at all fit plus a lot of people here are great fans of the ‘ceiling to floor’ look. Back to the question of whether it’s good for curtain installations to touch the floor? The answer largely depends on the owner’s personal preferences and taste. If you want curtain panels to touch floor, allow approximately an inch of it to rest on the ground. If your wish is that the curtain touch ground puddles on the floor, then add about 6 to 18 inches to the overall length.

A useful tip is that the heavier the fabric, the longer you should make them. Test the fabric and determine the pouf you want or amount of puddle then proceed to measure it. If you have a pet, either a cat or dog, having really long drapes can be quite a challenge. Cats make themselves comfortable on them and it will be really hard to get them off it. A dog is even worse because they tend to pull the curtains downwards as they play. This is a useful tip for pet lovers.

At one point you will have to wash the curtains, right? Curtains tend to shrink when washed depending on the fabric that has been used to make them. For shorter curtains, this can be a problem since it will make them even shorter but with long curtain installations the problem is avoided.

The answer to the question still remains varied since we all have different preferences. To make sure that you are getting the best curtain installations, always ask a professional. Singapore curtains are among one of the popular companies that provide blinds and curtains either for home or office use.