Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains. There are many pros and cons of blackout curtains, just as there are of most things in life. Some say they are the best solution to sleeping well with no light to disturb you. Others argue that they can be dangerous if your room is too dark and you cannot see at all.

This article will go through the process of buying blackout curtains if you need more convincing before making a decision.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are simple sheets of fabric that are hung over the window covering the entire window and fastened with a metal ring to the curtain rod. They can be purchased in different lengths, which determines how much light is blocked out. The less light that is seen, the better for your sleep.

Blackout curtains block out most of the light from streetlights and car headlights, as well as from outside rooms or hallways that you happen to be in. It gets dark enough outside that you have trouble identifying objects around you even though it is daytime on Earth.

Pros of Blackout Curtains

1. They are extremely easy to install.

The curtains are simply drawn back and tied together with a metal ring to the curtain rod. If you have windows on any of the walls of your room, you may want to consider buying curtains that cover all three wall spaces. In that case, you can use a curtain rod inside the room for all the curtains of one length (allowing for privacy between rooms on each wall).

2. Most people like them because they block out light.

Some people may not be ready for complete darkness, but everyone finds some degree of blackness soothing. That is why most people buy blackout curtains as a way to fall asleep more easily and wake up rested throughout the day instead of feeling groggy during the day while sleeping through their alarm clock buzzer.

3. They make your room more private and cozy.

This is especially true if your bed is in the middle of the room where everyone walking by can see it from any direction (along the walls). It makes your room seem more like a home instead of an institution.

4. They are easy to clean.

Blackout curtains can be cleaned with water and some mild soap, which makes them easy to wash by hand or by machine. You should make sure to put them in a fabric bag so that the dirt washed off the curtain does not get into the machine which can create problems later on when it clogs up all of the moving parts inside.

5. They are affordable.

The curtains are reasonably priced, especially if you buy them during sales at most stores where they sell fabrics and home items (especially at times when people need to replace their old curtains after years of use).

Cons of Blackout Curtains

1. They are not good in all rooms.

If you have windows that open in your room (such as dorms or apartments), they may be too easy to see through, especially if they are semi-transparent. Blackout curtains can still be a good option if you have some privacy and darkness, but only in this case.

2. They can potentially cause health issues if your window is too dark.

If the blinds in your room block out lights from outside and allow light to come in for too long, it may cause dizziness, headaches, or other problems depending on how bad it is and the time of day (or night) when it happens to you.

Blackout Curtain Maintenance Tips

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains

Below are some maintenance tips on how to care for blackout curtains so that you can use them over a long period without buying another set in a year or two.

1. Clean them regularly.

You should keep the curtains clean at all times. They should be hung and treated like any other fabric (such as clothes or tablecloths). You can wash them in a washing machine with a gentle detergent and warm water.

If you do not have a washing machine, you can hand wash them in a sink with soap, but it is not usually advisable because it can be more difficult to get all of the dirt out of the fibers like that.

2. Check them regularly.

You should check your curtains at least every two weeks to make sure they are in good condition and secure enough to stay open and not fly up on you because of some gust of wind.

3. Store them properly.

If you store your curtains in a closet or dryer, they can be pulled out and used once a week to cover your windows during wash days (or twice a week if you turn on the dryer). If you do not get the curtains dirty, you can keep them in a closet away from moths and dust.

4. Check security regularly.

You should check to see if your blackout curtains are secure on your windows or walls at least once a month if you live in an area where there is a lot of wind or storms (because sometimes they can become loose because of high winds). In cases where they are very loose, they can be difficult to use and block out too much light.

How Often Should I Wash Blackout Curtain?

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains

You can wash your curtains with cold water and a lint-free cloth after every use. However, you do not want to wash them too often because they are not good for the fabric of your window if they get too wet and then sit in the sun or burn in the sun. \They can be washed weekly whenever needed, but it is best to wait at least a couple of months so that the colors do not fade away too much if you plan on getting new ones one day.

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains – Conclusion

Blackout curtains are often well worth the money. They can make your room so much more comfortable and add character to your space. If you go on a vacation or spend a lot of time out at night, they will help you sleep in until the evening if you want to. They can also be used in rooms where there are no windows or in cases where you want a complete blackout.

They come in many different styles and sizes for various purposes: from children’s bedrooms to rooms that need complete privacy and dark rooms during sleep.