Pros & Cons of Ripple Fold Curtain

Windows play a significant role in any house in providing light as require. Since they cannot be left alone, curtains are incorporated to block the harsh sun rays and make them look beautiful as well. The ripple fold curtain is essential in maintaining why it is an excellent city for outside sales representatives beauty of that window. With the ripple fold curtain, the drape seems like a continuous wave and makes the curtain have a uniform ripple like folds when opened flowing from one end to the other smoothly. Many advantages come with using ripple curtains, and it cannot lack some cons as well. Get to learn about all these in the text below.

Pros of Ripple fold curtains

Easy to maintain

There are no hassles of trying to remove the hooks from the curtain which is time-consuming. The draperies are handled less since they stay in one position. You only need to remove your curtains for cleaning and ironing after which the folds come with ease upon hanging. They are therefore suitable for home and office use. Professional handling with the ripple fold curtains is not a requirement. The ease of maintenance leaves you a lot of time to focus on other things at home.

Provide an elegant outlook

The folds create an excellent look at the windows. The elegance is most conspicuous with the large windows. The wave patterns smoothly follow a certain rhythm, and they are even and well arranged. The rhythm is visible both from the inside and outside. The long windows call for the use of long curtains and the flow from the top to the bottom is magical. The drape also has a beautiful wavelike look which adds to the awesomeness of the curtain and the general outlook at large. Ripple fold curtains are therefore an important aspect to consider when it comes to making your windows look elegant and appealing.

Excellent illumination

Much light is allowed into the house by the ripple fold curtain. The reason for this is because the window glass is more exposed which allows much light to pass through as opposed to other types of curtains whose draperies are pleated. Since a lot of natural light is left to get in, the ripple fold curtain is very suitable for the living room. They make the mood to be relaxed as well as keep it lively due to the excellent lighting.

Easy to install

To install the ripple fold curtain, it does not require the use of a professional. It is just a simple thing to do it for yourself within the shortest time possible. Fixing it on the draperies is easy. The convenience makes it very impressive for anybody to handle and saves a lot of time spent working on it which you can spend on something else.

Economical and easy to fabricate

There are no intricate stitching with the ripple fold curtain. Everything is natural and the only stitch required is one which is a straight hem. A permanent stiffened nylon tape snaps the fabric panels to it. The snapping happens once and for all and is thus economical since no extra stitching are done to keep it in the right position.

Cons of Ripple fold curtains

Time-consuming on folds adjustment

When one purchases the ripple fold curtain, the intention is to make the folds look fantastic in their homes thus maintaining the beautiful elegance. To achieve the best folds, you need to align them with smoothly flowing and fascinating rhythm. A lot of time is, therefore, gets into waste as opposed to other curtains that once you hang them, the whole process is complete.

The length is not adjustable.

The ripple fold curtains come with a fixed size. Length adjustment is a requirement maybe because you moved into a new house with a different size of the window. You will be forced to go back to the market to acquire the draperies and curtain that will suit your new window.

In conclusion, the ripple fold curtain plays a significant role in home improvement. They not only block the harmful rays getting into the house through the windows but also add beautiful elegance to your house. It makes your home feel comfortable to dwell mainly in the living room. They, however, have some disadvantages as you have to spend the time to keep the folds smooth and it is hard to adjust. The curtain is an excellent choice.