Pros & Cons on Installing Ziptrak Blinds

Are you planning to buy Ziptrak blinds? Do you want to know about the positive and negative sides to invest in the right direction? Ziptrak blinds are normally considered good since they offer the best protection from outside elements. These blinds can be best for Singapore. It will protect your indoor environment and will enable you to enjoy your indoor air without being affected by the extreme weather condition. In fact, Ziptrak Blinds are known to be effective for all types of environments.

Ziptrak Blinds feature a locking system that you can easily adjust according to the weather. These blinds can be used by different categories of people including industrialist and farmer. As these are cost-effective, anyone can use them to improve the indoor air quality and to boost the appearance of your interior and exterior. You can literally install these blinds anywhere you want. However, you will have to take some extra caution during installation to ensure better efficiency.

These blinds are installed by using a cordura tape that is known as kedar. Kedar offers high efficiency and it is welded with the fabrics and available in four different colors. These are black, primrose, beige, and white. As kedar is very strong, it will be able to withstand a lot of pressure. Also, you will have four different colors to complement other decors. In addition to kedar, you will find many other advanced operational tools that can help to get better efficiency and easy installation. Here are the pros and cons of Ziptrak blinds.


• Easy to Use

These blinds are easy to use. You can make them stay and stop in any of your preferred position. They come with a special spring balance system and handheld locks to ensure easy usage. Some other features like remote operated electronic motor even make it easier. You can adjust blinds according to time and comfort level. These are super adjustable.

• Ideal For all Seasons

As stated earlier, Ziptrak blinds are the perfect option for Singapore. It will protect your home from harmful UV rays, sun, and winds. In brief, it will guard your home for 365 days. Once you have installed these blinds, your home will be least affected by the harsh sun.

• Environmental-friendly

Ziptrak blinds are considered environmental-friendly since they maintain the indoor temperature during summer and produce cooler effects. Also, the electric motor of some Ziptrak blinds is solar powered that will save your energy cost.

• Suitable Solution for All

Everyone can use Ziptrak blinds. The key benefit is the price. These are affordable and will not hurt the budget. Even the farmers can use these blinds to stop insects to introduce their home as well as to protect crops and seeds. Also, Ziptrak can be ideal for an industrial environment. As it provides shades, that will help to maintain a certain temperature.

• Extensive Range of Tools

These blinds are compatible with many operations tools that include kedar, spring balance locks, and motor. You can modify the operation to get the required comfort and convenience.

• Versatility

Ziptrak blinds are versatile. You can use these blinds almost anywhere. These are the ideal options for your outdoor, outdoor pool, and balcony.

• Affordability

Price is another benefit. People normally believe that these blinds are expensive since they come with a number of features to protect from weather elements and to maintain your indoor air quality. However, Ziptrak is affordable and will not cost more than its competitors. But the benefits will be many.


When it comes to the cons, you will not find many. Almost all users recommend this product for efficiency, easy installation, best protection, easy usage, and price. Yes, you can expect the following cons while using Ziptrak Blinds.

• Demands Attention

You need to operate your blind from the center to get better efficiency.

• Not Suitable for High Winds

You should avoid operating them in high winds. The motor will have difficulty to operate during high winds.

• Heavy Material

The heavy material of the Ziptrak blinds might not make them a preferable option for a few.

Ziptrak blinds can be ideal for all those who want to protect their home or office from the extreme heat. They will guard your home from the sun and will make the indoor environment cool and comfortable. The heavy material can offer insulation whenever required as well.