Roller Blinds Vs Curtains

Windows serve an important purpose in the home. Residents need fresh air and light inside the room. At the same time, there are times when they want to cover the window slightly or completely. It becomes necessary to use some type of light controlling technique to control the amount of outdoor light that enters the room. There are many options to achieve this objective. Homeowners can use curtains, shades, blinds, tinted glass, light blocking film on the glass, awning, and other methods for this purpose. Each type of window covering has its advantages and disadvantages. Many homeowners in Singapore prefer blinds or curtains to cover the window. Roller blinds have gained wide acceptance but curtains have not lost their popularity.

If you have narrowed down your window covering choice to the blind or curtain then it is time to choose the one that is most suitable for your purpose. You can take right decision if you know the differences between these two options. Blinds are modern alternative to the curtains. Products in this range are available in a wide range of options in terms of materials, colors, textures, finishes, designs and styles. Window blinds can be installed in any type of room including kitchen and bathroom. Blinds for kitchen and bathroom are made with special materials to negate the damaging effects of excessive moisture present in those places.

It can be difficult to decide what type of window blinds is most suitable because there are various options. Blinds are made of plastic, aluminium or wood. Vertical and venetian blinds have slatted strips. Vertical blinds have vertical strips. This type of window treatment is suitable for large windows. Venetian blinds have horizontal strips. These blinds are preferred for small to medium size windows.

The advantage of slatted blinds is that when stacked up, the strips take up less space. This design offers greater control over how much heat and light is let in the room. Light and sober color blinds go well with all types of indoor color schemes of walls, windows and furnishings.

Roman blinds have slats in the fabric. This window treatment can be rolled up when not needed. It is generally used in the bedroom. Roman blinds can block out light better than curtains or blinds with slatted strips. A dark fabric slat covering can completely block the outdoor light. You are assured of a good sleep when outdoor lights do not disturb you. This window covering is not suitable for some types of window designs so it should be selected after checking the window design and consulting a blind expert.

The advantages of roller blinds include:

– Look more sophisticated than traditional curtains
– Better control over light and air with a minimalist design
– Compared to curtains, blinds do not retain heat or cold.
– Effective insulation at night and better protection from UV rays during the daytime
– See-through blinds let some light pass through while still blocking the view
– A small room feels bigger due to the design effect of the blinds
– When not needed they are out of the way
– It costs less than the curtain
– Suitable for both homes and offices

Disadvantages of roller blinds include:

– Cannot be used in windows with unusual shape
– It may look official and not homely like curtains
– Slatted blinds requires more cleaning
– Dust collects easily on the horizontal strips
– Each strip must be vacuum cleaned or wiped individually for effective cleaning
– Some amount of light leaks through the gaps between the strips
– Strips of the window blinds are prone to bending or breaking
– Aluminium is not a flexible material and any impact on the thin aluminium strip can result in dent that is difficult to repair.

Curtains can completely block the heat and light coming through the window. A thick curtain completely blocks the view, providing higher level of privacy. Curtains are available in a wide range of options in terms of fabric material, designs, thickness, colors and patterns. It is easy to find curtains with color matching to the interior design color theme.

The advantages of curtains include:

– Curtains are available in a variety of colors and patterns
– The designs look aesthetically pleasing and match well with home interior
– There is better control of indoor cooling
– Curtains are suitable for homes with kids who may damage blinds while playing or harm themselves with the cord of the window blinds
– It is easy to clean curtain than blinds where each strip of blind must be cleaned individually one by one

The disadvantages of curtains include:

– Curtains are suitable mainly for residential homes
– A curtain is a fire hazard and cannot be used in the kitchen
– It cannot be used in the bathroom due to presence of excess moisture
– Curtains must be taken out from the fixture for cleaning
– Replacing dirty curtains with the clean ones can be a difficult chore if there are many windows in the home
– If one curtain among a set of similar curtains is damaged then it is impossible to find another curtain with the same matching color, design and pattern
– The colors of the fabric fade due to sun heat and rays
– Curtains with soft fabrics must be washed carefully to avoid damage
– Special cleaning detergent and techniques are needed to clean soft fabrics
– Too many curtains in a room do not look aesthetically pleasing

Whether it is roller blinds or curtains, both types of window coverings require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them clean. In both cases, hooks and brackets are needed. Both products can be customized to fit the size of the window. Proper handling is needed. Now curtains are available in fabrics that are easy to wash. This type of fabric does not stain easily. You can select soft shears or heavy drapes. The shears billow in the breeze. Homeowners looking for modern and sophisticated products can use motorized curtains and blinds. These products are also available with timers and sensors.

There is an increasing trend to use eco-friendly products. If you are not a stickler with maintaining design uniformity then you can use curtains in the bedroom and blinds in the drawing room. Blinds are more fashionable and modern choice but it all depends on your personal preference. The above information will help you choose best coverings for your windows.