Should Curtain Touched The Floor?

Curtains add beauty to a given space and help make your room cosy and comfortable. Curtains are available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns and can be used to either match or contrast the color scheme of the room or give different effects to the room interior. However, when deciding the length of the curtain, many people are often confused whether the curtain should touch the floor or should stay above ground level. Although the length of the curtain depends on various factors( curtain material, pattern or area in which they are hung), many experts recommend that there should be about a finger width of space between the floor and hem of the drapes when hanging curtains. Listed below are some reasons that will help you understand why curtains should not touch the floor.


Why Curtains Should not Touch the Floor?

#1: Curtains stay clean

One of the greatest benefits of having curtains hung a few inches above ground level is that it helps keep the bottom of your curtain clean for an extended period of time. Curtains that remain above ground level do not gather the dust and dirt from the floor and hence remain clean. As a result, you not only save money on your laundry bills, but also do not require washing your curtains frequently, allowing easy maintenance. 

#2: Help improve room decor

Keeping a gap between the curtain and floor helps enhance the room décor as allows you to create a good combination among the wall, floor and the curtain. A gap created between the floor and your curtains exposes the beautiful color of your wall and helps improve your room décor.

#3: Promote a neat and tidy look

When curtains fall on the floor they often project a messy and untidy look to a given space. To avoid this, ensure that there a small gap between your curtain and the floor. Hanging curtain slightly above ground level can give your space a neat and tidy look and help it look beautiful. A neat and tidy look helps make the space more comfortable and inviting.

#4: Curtains can be easily moved

If you are one of those people who require moving the curtains to and fro on a daily basis, hanging curtains that do not touch the floor can be quite beneficial. Opening and closing curtains that touch the ground can become a complicated task. However, moving curtains that are above the ground level not only require less effort, but also help you maintain the overall quality of your curtain for extended periods of time.

#5: Good for aesthetics in your home

To improve the overall interior decoration of your home, ensure that the curtains you choose remain a few inches above the floor. Curtains that are hung above the floor not only help enhance your home interiors, but also make you feel comfortable and cosy in your room. Consult your interior designer when you choose curtains for a room and ensure that you choose the curtain length that remains above ground level.

#6: Helps make your space look Elegant

Choosing the length of the curtain properly can play a vital role in help improve your home interiors. While longer curtains can create a messy and untidy look, curtains that are hung just above the floor help create a clean look, making your space look elegant and stylish. Discuss with your interior designer and ensure that you choose the proper length and color to help make your home look beautiful and elegant.

#7: Allows easy floor cleaning

Keeping the length of the curtain above floor levels can be quite beneficial in helping you mop or sweep your floor easily. If all the dust and grime is cleaned properly from the floor, it will not only give your room a well maintained look, but also keep away you and your loved ones away from diseases or illness.

#8: Economical

Hanging curtains above the floor helps save installation cost as well as the cost of the curtain materials. In addition, hanging curtains that do not touch the floor can make installation much easier when compared to those curtains that touch the floor. Hanging curtains above the floor is a great option for those who have a small budget.

Hovering curtains or keeping the curtains above the floor is one of the best way to give your space a practical and casual look. This type of length is great for a family room or any high traffic area. In addition, choosing to keep your curtains above the floor also are beneficial for families who have small children or pets that shed or need to install curtains close to the backyard patio door where dirt tends to accumulate on a regular basis.

The length of the curtains can play a vital role in complementing the interior decoration of your room as well as create an ambiance in a given space. However, it must be noted that curtains are available in various shapes and size. To get the right measurement for your curtain, you should learn to differentiate between the measurement of the width and height of the curtain. The width measurement of the curtain should be indicated first, followed by the height. In addition, considering the type of fabric used for the curtain is also important when deciding the length of the curtain.

Keeping the length of the curtain so that it does not touch the floor is crucial to help improve the overall look of your space. While curtains that puddle on the floor are less practical and sometimes dangerous( can pose slipping hazards), curtains that are hung just a few inches above ground level can help give a classic tailored look to your space and proves to be a great option if your are regularly closing or opening curtains. However, since there are many types of curtains available in the market, comparing the available products and choosing the right color, pattern and length of the curtain can go a long way in helping you brighten up your space and make it more warm and friendly.