Should I Install Curtains Or Blinds For My Condo?

Condominiums are found all over Singapore. They lend an elegant vista to the growing skyline of the city. A condominium is a residential home that is individually owned, with the common facilities such as heating systems, hallways and elevators being shared by the tenants. In Singapore, the term describes larger and more exclusive developments. A building receives condominium status when the total area is larger than 40000 sq. ft. the communal facilities include a gym, BBQ area and a pool. Most also have their own security guards. With state-of-the-art facilities and luxurious interiors, the condominiums redefine your living space.

The lush interiors of your condo might make you wonder whether to choose curtains or blinds for the windows. The simple fact is that if you have a room which commands a beautiful view outside and is furnished with modern décor, you can opt for the sheer roller shades which control the UV rays from affecting your floors and furniture, while allowing you to enjoy the view from inside. Choose ceiling mounted sheer fabric which complements the décor. This can be a suitable option for rooms which do not require privacy. If you need it, choose drapery that is completely functional since it can be closed whenever required.

Choosing window treatments for your new condo can be tough, but if you have blinds for condo and they are so beautiful that you are reluctant to cover them up, get a softer look by adding swags at the sides or a valance to the top. This gives a warmer look to the room without covering up the nice and expensive blinds. Whether you have wooden blinds or mini blinds, it is acceptable to put sheer curtains over blinds in complementing color. This adds a touch of softness to the room. You can choose silk, sheers and cotton curtains over pleated shades as well as blinds.

Highlight the look of your condo by finding a color in the room which can be accentuated with solid or subtly patterned sheer. If there are white mini blinds on all the windows, they can be a great choice until you have decided on purchasing a suitable curtain for condo. Since the living space here is wide open and expansive, you will need to add a warm and cozy feel to the living and dining areas. Choose natural and matching-colored fabrics for your floor-length curtains to go on top of the blinds. The color should complement elements in your décor such as the throw pillows in your living room furniture.

The benefits of using a neutral color is that it lets in the light, yet creating a homely and tender feel to the place. The kitchen can do with buttoned and solid valances so that you can look out of the kitchen window while preparing the delicacies that your family loves. You need not keep the curtains closed all the time. It is perfect to have panels hanging on each side of the window with the blinds opened or closed. If you want to keep the windows opened in summertime, part the curtains to the sides and draw up the blinds. You may choose blinds or curtains for your condo, depending on your preference and the layout of the room.