Soundproof Curtain – Myth Or Reality?

We all want to have a quite feeling in our home. We can achieve that experience only if we can block the outside noise in our house. We can do that till a limit by using various sound proofing methods. But in most of those methods we will have to close the door and windows. But if you don’t want to close your windows because you want to experience the fresh air, yet you want to have no noise in your house, then soundproof curtain can be an alternate solution for you. With the help of soundproof curtain you can block almost all the outside noise and you can create a soundproof place inside your house as well.

At least all the seller that sell the soundproof curtain says so and in theory it should give that kind of results to all the people. But this is not necessary that everything that they say will be true and many people wonder if a soundproof curtain can actually do all these things or not. Well, I am not going to have any comment on this in a direct manner, however, I can talk about some myths and facts related soundproof curtain and then you can decide if it is reality of myth. Once you will have a clear idea about these things that you can get with a soundproof curtain, then you will be able to make your decision as well and you can decide if it is a myth or reality.

Talking about the Soundproof curtain or its properties in theory, this is a specific curtain designed in a way that it will solve the problem of outside noise with minimum expenses. In this method you only need to change your curtain with this special curtain and it will give you a comfortable home without making any drastic changes in your house. Each and every soundproof curtain comes with special designs and mostly it is created on order for you. That means it will fit well with your window or door and it will enhance the looks as well for your home in a very easy manner. So, if you are worried about the looks of your home using this curtain then you don’t have to worry much about it.

As far as its working method is concerned, soundproof curtain blocks does not absorb the sound in it. Instead of that it deflect the sound waves from the living areas of your home. Because of this sound deflection process this curtain can actually increase the soundproofing of your home in a much better. If you will get a good quality soundproof curtain for your home, then it can reduce the sound as low as 65DB. This is the sound decibel that quite normal for normal talking. That means if you can sleep while two people are talking in your room, then it can be a great help for you even if the sound is quite high outside. In certain situation if outside sound is very high then this decibel amount may vary, but this is certain that you can use this system to reduce the outside sound.

Here we also need to talk about the facts and myths related to the soundproof curtain. Some people claim you can have a pin drop silence in your room using this kind of curtains. If you trust on this opinion then that is just a myth and you should never trust on it. To get a pin drop silence, you will need to use a lot of things and you need to design a room with a lot of sophistication. So, if you are hopping this particular thing with a soundproof curtain, then change your feelings. You should understand it can reduce the sound as much as possible, but still some sound waves will find a path and it will come inside your room from that path.

Also, some people believe they can use soundproof curtain to complement their home theatre. You should know this is also a myth that it can help you increase the sound quality of your home theatre system. This curtain does not absorb the sound. Instead of that it deflects the sound for noise reduction. So, if you will use it with your home theatre, then it will increase the noise in your room and you wouldn’t get any good result. Hence, if you are planning to make your room soundproof for home theatre or music system, then you should try more conventional methods for that. I am sure, other methods would give you much better result compared to this curtain.

People also have this myth that they can hang a soundproof curtain on their existing hangers. This is a myth and you should not expect this to work for you. The weight of a soundproof curtain could be much higher than your regular curtain and that is why it will not work well with your existing hanger. You will have to use industrial quality hanger for that and if you don’t do that, it will fall down on you. Also, you may not get it readymade in the market because they will have to do create it as per your windows dimension and colours selection. So, make sure you are ready to wait for some time.

A soundproof curtain may offer some extra benefits as well to you. These extra benefits include blocking of light, maintaining thermal of your house and increasing the decor. This curtain can block almost 99% of the outside light. So, if you like to have a dark room so you can sleep in the day time as well, then this could be a perfect choice for you. Also, it has insulating properties in it. So, it will block the outside heat and you will be able to save money on your Aircon bill as well. In addition to this, you can decide the colour design and other things of this curtain as per your choice. So, you can use it for decoration purpose as well in your house.