Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds

What are some of the things to know before installing roller blinds? Roller blinds are an important part of modern space designs. They are modern and minimal. The basic ones are affordable too. But, there are few things to be sure about before you install them.

If you are thinking of installing roller blinds in your home or office, here is the perfect article for you. Take a look at the things that you need to know before you choose roller blinds for your window treatments.


Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds

Before you buy the blind, decide where you will like to place it. Generally, people install blinds inside their window frames. But, if you want, you can install it outside the frame or even above it. Check the location where you would like to install the brackets for holding the blinds.

Available space

Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds

Next, find out the distance of the space where you would like to have the blinds. Use commercial tape for measuring the distance. Do not forget to measure horizontally, starting from point A to point B. Check the width of the window recess. Also, remember to find out the height of the windows where you would be installing the blinds.


While selecting the blind’s fabric, think about what you would be using the blinds for. Do you need to block out the light completely? Or, are you happy letting in some light instead? The answer to this question will determine the kind of fabric best suited for you. If you go with full blackout fabric, see to it that it covers the window and ensures absolute darkness.

Since your kitchen is the area where most of the action takes place, choose the blinds’ fabric carefully. Go for completely waterproof and stain-resistant roller blinds. The same goes for your washrooms too. Waterproof blinds will keep your windows safe and blinds are also easy to maintain. In case of stains or grease, you only need to wipe them down.

Suitable for children and pets

This is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind before installing roller blinds. There are several varieties of roller blinds available in the market. But, you need to choose the blinds that come with child-safety features. This is helpful if you have a tiny tot with you who is always curious to know about new things. Also, installing blinds with safety features will help you to keep your pet safe.


Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds

Roller blinds come in a huge variety of colors. Choose the one that fits your taste and budget. Also, think about the place where you would be installing them. Go for dark colors if you would be using them in your kitchen or storeroom.

Check for obstructions

Before you install the roller blinds, look for any obstructions that might come your way. These can be cranks, window handles, or any other items that might obstruct the proper functioning of the blind. If you see any such obstructions, consider them while measuring the screw holes. Make sure that the mounting brackets do not lie close to such obstructions. Or else, they might create an issue in opening and closing the blinds.

Talking about obstructions, also check your room. Put aside any furniture that might create trouble for you while fitting the blinds. Remember to remove desks, beds, couches, and stools near the windows. Make sure that you have easy access to the area where you want to mount the blinds.

Select the mount

While installing roller blinds, you can select between the top fix mount or the face fix mount. If you choose the top fix mount, you need to install the top of the blind underneath the window recess. The top fix is your only option if you want to mount the blinds inside the recess. For the face fix mount, you need to install the blinds on the flat portion of the window’s outer frame.

Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds – Conclusion

Things To Know Before Installing Roller Blinds

Installing roller blinds is a tough job. Your accuracy and precision need to be really good for installing them successfully. If you are sure that you can handle the entire installation process by yourself, you are good to go! If not, you can consider getting in touch with some professionals to help you out with the installation.

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