What are Blackout Curtains?

What are Blackout Curtains? Blackout curtains are a special kind of window curtain designed to block out the light on both sides. These curtains can be either made from sheer or dark fabrics and as such it is possible to let in some sunlight while blocking out all ambient light sources.

This makes them perfect if you’re trying to sleep during the day, need total darkness. Blackout Curtains serve the function of blocking out both sides of light, while still allowing people to see through them somewhat.

They can be made from sheer or dark fabrics and are popular for blocking sunlight when it is desired that the room be totally dark (for instance when sleeping during the day) or in order to block out wiretapping when working on electronic devices, or for privacy reasons.

Uses of Blackout Curtains

What are Blackout Curtains?

Despite the simple nature of blackout curtains, many people continue to use them for a range of reasons. This includes:

1) Privacy Reasons

Blackout curtains are an excellent way to ensure privacy for any type of room. Whether you have roommates, children, or simply do not want outsiders to know what is going on inside your private space, these types of curtains allow you to block out all outside light sources.

This way even if people can see into the room they will not be able to see anything inside.

2) Melatonin Production

Many people who suffer from severe insomnia often seek out blackout curtains in order to encourage the production of melatonin. This is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep patterns in humans, and it is believed that increased levels of this chemical can lead to faster sleep cycles.

Blackout curtains are an effective way to ensure that your body does not receive any light sources when trying to sleep.

3) Tricking the Body into Sleeping While it is Daylight Outside

Since blackout curtains are excellent at blocking out all light, many people use them in order to trick their bodies into thinking it is nighttime even while they are actually still awake.

This can be especially useful for individuals that work the night shift, or who live in locations where it is either very bright or very dark most of the year. These curtains allow people to sleep during sunlight hours without actually breaking any of their normal sleep patterns.

4) Masking Noise

Since blackout curtains are often made from thick fabric, they have the added benefit of actually being effective at masking noise.

In many cases, the sound is simply reflected off the surface of these curtains which means that it will not travel as far as if there was no curtain present. This makes them perfect for bedrooms that share walls with noisy neighbors, or any other location where unwanted sound is an issue.

5) Blocking Sunlight

Perhaps the most obvious use for blackout curtains is to make your home completely dark. In many cases, these can be very sheer fabrics that still allow a small amount of light to shine through, which makes them a popular choice among those who want to sleep during the day without totally disconnecting from the world around them.

This type of curtain is also useful for anyone who needs to work on electronic devices in a brightly lit room or wants to ensure that any location remains completely dark at all times.

Preserve Energy

Since blackout curtains are often lined to ensure that they do not allow heat to escape, they make for an excellent way of keeping out unwanted cold air.

This added insulation makes it easier to control the temperature inside your home, which can lead to lower energy bills year-round. By allowing you to block out any unwanted light or sound, these curtains make it easier for you to lower your thermostat and still remain comfortable.

How Blackout Curtains Work

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains function in much the same way as regular curtains, with the primary difference being the material used for their construction. This means that they can be made from a wide range of fabrics and that they function by allowing some light to shine through while also blocking it in certain places.

In most cases, blackout curtains are simply constructed using two separate layers alongside a heavy lining, which allows them to insulate heat, keep out noise, and block all exterior light sources at the same time.

How are Blackout Curtains Made?

Blackout curtains are generally made from a material called blackout cloth. This is the same type of fabric that is used to make drapes for theaters, or stage covers that can be raised or lowered at any time.

It is especially thick which makes it excellent for blocking out light sources, and since it comes in a wide range of colors it allows people to match these curtains with the rest of the decor in their home.

In many cases blackout cloth can be made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of both fibers which means that they are easy to care for and will not fray easily even after months or years of use.

There is no limit to the type of design that can be made using these fabrics, with most people selecting styles that are either solid black for maximum darkness or feature a wide range of contrasting colors. Since these fabrics are generally quite affordable, they make for a great do-it-yourself project that anyone can tackle.

Are They Effective?

Since blackout curtains are made from very thick material, they are extremely effective at blocking out light sources. This allows people to enjoy complete darkness during the day even if their surroundings are quite light, and since the lining makes it nearly impossible for heat to escape they can provide much easier insulation throughout the year.

These curtains are also useful at keeping sounds out which means that any room where they are present will be completely silent.

Although some outside light may shine through these curtains, it is often significantly dimmer than what would naturally appear if the windows were uncovered.

This low level serves to reduce the overall amount of energy needed by any lights that are turned on throughout the day, making blackout curtains an excellent choice for anyone wanting to save money on their utility bill or enjoy complete darkness during the night.


What are Blackout Curtains?

In the past blackout curtains were considered a luxury item that could only be purchased by those who had an unlimited budget for home decor. Thanks to the modern world, however, even people on a tight budget can enjoy these benefits by making their own curtains from blackout cloth or going with a cheaper alternative.

What was once a tool for blocking out light is now a great way to save money in any home. Blackout curtains can be a great addition to your decor even if you only utilize them in certain rooms of your house.

By shutting out all light and sound they can help reduce the noise that spills into your bedroom from adjacent rooms, or they can boost the insulation of an office.

Even though these curtains are only hung for a good amount of the day, they can still reduce energy usage and help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

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