What Are The Different Types Of Curtains?

The main reason for having curtains in most Singaporean homes is to block excessive light from entering the room but the different types of curtains not only perform the task expected from them to do, they also add beauty to your window and entire room. Curtains can make a certain room look big or cozy with its design, style, and length. Choosing the right curtain might be tricky especially if you are after functionality and aesthetic appeal. To help you decide the best curtain for your room, know first the different curtain types in Singapore and you can never go wrong.

Curtains in Singapore

The types of curtains in Singapore fall under four main categories and they are standard curtains, day curtains, night curtains, and blackout curtains. The different types have different functions and although all rooms can have the same type of curtain not all rooms will be able to get the maximum benefit.

Standard curtains
 usually let outside light into the room and still provide the needed level of privacy that you need. Ideally, this curtain should come with excessive width (just enough to securely cover the window) to maintain the privacy. This curtain is thicker than day curtain but thinner than night curtain. If you are not so particular about the amount of light (or the light is just right) seeping into your room, then this type is the best one to choose.

Day curtains
 are usually lightweight because they are thinner and translucent. The said curtains allow sufficient amount of outside light to penetrate the room and give subtle illumination that you need. Day curtains can give certain privacy allowing you to see the things happening outside and yet those people from outside won’t see the things you are doing inside. However, when night falls, day curtains will not be able to giving the privacy that you need because people from the outside can see you clearly. Most people don’t opt for day curtains and choose night curtains instead and just part their curtains during daytime to see what is happening outside. Doing so will make you lose your privacy during the day and it is still better to have day curtains.

Night curtains
 are usually thick and heavy to completely block the outside light and provide better level of privacy. These curtains come in dark colors to block the light better and when night falls, the curtain can give the privacy that you need because the people from the outside have no way of seeing what you are doing inside. Night curtains are suitable to rooms where you don’t need any outside light to distract you especially if you want to watch your favorite show or movie, you want to fully utilize your time to sleep, or you simply prefer dark rooms.

(For rooms that you need outside light during the day and total privacy during the night, it is prudent to have both day and night curtains to achieve maximum benefit from your curtains.)

Blackout curtains 
are curtains that totally block any amount of light coming from outside. Because they can keep the sun out completely, they can actually make the room cooler during the day (although it’s dark) and make you more comfortable. The curtains help save energy if your room is air conditioned because the heavy curtain will not allow the sun’s rays to enter the room and make it hotter than usual.

Different people have different preferences and circumstances that can affect the choice of curtains. Choose the best one that suits you (and your room) from the given types of curtains and perhaps pay Singapore Curtains a visit and you might just find what you have been looking for.