What Type Of Curtain Is Best For HDB Flats?

Curtains are most commonly used in all the homes and apartments in Singapore. Singaporeans are mostly known to stay in HDB flats, which have very low privacy levels as they are very closely spaced. These flats are connected by common corridors. Due to this, your windows are easily visible to the passers by. To fix this problem of low privacy, you can opt for curtain for HDB flats. Are you having a doubt whether you need one for your flat or not? Then the answer is absolutely yes! Having curtains would also help you reduce the disturbing noises around you. If you are confused which type of curtains you require for your HDB flat, then this article is going to help you find few options.

Combination of colors looks very good:

You can choose a combination of dark and light curtains for your HDB homes. This way you can use the ones with light material to allow the sunlight and breezes into your home. On the other hand, the dark ones are just ideal for the night time and when you need privacy.

Opt for larger curtains for your windows:

When you are buying curtains for your flat, make sure that you choose the ones that are a bit larger in comparison to the window size. Never make the mistake of buying the ones that are the exact size of the windows. The bigger curtains will give your windows a larger look and help in home improvement. You can also opt for long and flowy types that can reach down the floors.

Colorful patterns are perfect to avoid transparency:

Sometimes, you might feel that your privacy is getting lost when you switch on the lights at night. To avoid such problems, make sure that you choose curtain materials in colorful shades. The presence of various colors in the curtain will not make it transparent when the lights are switched on. Besides that, different colors help the curtains have shadows when the lights are on. Hence, you can hence great deal of privacy.

Half window curtains are better than full window:

Half window curtains are those that are available as pairs and allow you to put them to each side of the window so that sunlight can enter. Full window curtains need to be drawn fully to one side to allow air and sunlight. But if you are aiming at home improvement and wish to enhance the aesthetic value of your home, then go for the half window curtains as they are much pleasing and you can also have a bow tied in the middle of it to look good.

Choose the curtains with a lining:

Singapore is known for its hot and humid summers. The excess sunlight of the summers makes all rooms hotter. To prevent this you can opt for curtain for HDB that has a lining. The lining would prevent excess heat and sun rays and keeps your room cool. Moreover, the curtain remains protected from dust because of the lining. During the chilly winters, the lining makes sure that your room stays within the normal temperature as it resists the cold of outside.
Thus, you can choose any of these curtains according to your taste and make your abode look beautiful.