What You Need To Consider Before Adding Curtains or Blinds To Your Home

Whether you’re looking to simply refresh the overall look of a room or considering a complete room makeover, it is very important to pay keen attention to the blinds and curtains. A window is one of the key focal points in any room and thus dressing it properly is vital.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Curtains Or Blinds

Examine the room Carefully

The most important thing that you need to do is examining the room properly. What type of is the room? Does the room have several or few windows? What kind of furniture is available in the room? Does the room appear dark during the day? Asking yourself these questions will certainly help you to determine the type of curtains or blinds that are suitable. If the room is dark, then the best option can be lighter curtains. If the room is larger, then you can go with heavier curtains whereas for small rooms, roller blinds may be the best option. The most important thing that you need remember is that your window treatments of choice should complete the appearance of the room, without diminishing the overall look of it.

Color and pattern

Color is an important consideration. You can look around your room and try to understand the colors that have already been used. What color is your carpet? Are the walls papered or painted? Does your wallpaper have a pattern? The curtains or blinds you choose should complement other accessories in the room. For example, if your wallpaper is patterned, you can try using a plain curtain. Adding a patterned curtain to a patterned wall can create a confusing and unsightly look.


It will be good to identify the window treatments that will work best for your windows – either curtains or blinds. Curtains are used for decorations and more often when it comes with different finishes and touches. Roller blinds are mainly used for rooms and offices in houses that are in need of more privacy. Furthermore, considering the value of your window treatments is also crucial to ensure that you will be really getting the most out of your purchase.


Your curtains or blinds should fit in with the overall style of the room. For example, if you’re going for a fresh, modern look then plain blinds or curtains with bold features look great. For a room with period features then a more traditional style may be the best choice. A taller room can carry heavy pelmets and drapes well.

Consider the materials

The material used to make curtains or blinds can make a huge difference on how any room feels. Heavy draperies may make a room feel stuffy, or magnificent. Bamboo blinds create a more different feel as compared to metal blinds. It is best to consider the theme of your room when selecting the materials. Light materials go best in airier rooms. However, you can break this rule in some instances. You can play around with a range textures to yield the better results.


What do you need your curtains or blinds to perform? If they are just for decoration then style alone should be the major consideration. However, if you are looking for a curtain or blind to keep out the light, you need to buy a heavy curtain which may be lined with a suitable “black out” material. These curtains are popular particularly in bedrooms and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It would also be best if you consider your care routine. If you need curtains that can be easily washed and ironed then you should avoid delicate fabrics such as silk, which may require special care (which may be expensive). Don’t attempt to go for too complicated designs or materials that won’t suit your lifestyle or you will end getting less what you have purchased.


You should not spend a lot of money on a good pair of curtains and then neglect the accessories. Choose a curtain pole that will best complement your new window treatments. Chrome and steel poles are very popular but may look out of place in traditional homes and cottages. Quite often you may find that curtains are sold together with tie backs. However, there are great tie backs that can set your curtains apart. They include materials like feathers, rope sequins and small jewels.

Add dimension

For a more professional look, you can add dimension to your curtains or blinds. This can be done to draw interest to the curtain rod rather than the curtain itself. Most professional window treatment installers use the method of adding different textures to the windows. This can be using a roller blind in the background then adding a curtain. Different textures and colors can help in making any window look more beautiful, bigger and brighter. Different rod depths and levels can also help to increase the dimensions of any window treatment.

Window Measurements

When purchasing roller blinds you need to pay close attention to window measurements. Blinds, unlike curtains, need to be an exact fit or they will look messy and won’t do the job they are intended to do. You can buy blinds which can be trimmed to size but if your budget allows, then you should consider having tailor-made blinds. Different blinds styles suit different rooms and if you are looking to block out the light you go for heavy-duty blackout roller blinds. Blinds are available in a wide choice of sizes, colors and textured patterns.

If you dress a window properly you can really enhance the curb appeal of a room. Adding new blinds or curtains or both to a window is an easy and quick update to any room and by shopping can be done cost-effectively. Finding the best combination of colors is not a hard task, and you can choose brown, pink, green or other colors that blend well with your wall paint. Take your time to choose the best curtains or roller blinds for your home. Making right choice will not only highlight your windows but it will also transform a dull room into a bright and unique place.