Where Can I Find Onsite Quotation For Curtains & Blinds?

Curtains and blinds are important accessories in homes and offices. They have become a style statement and an essential part of home decor. These days, interior designers take a lot of time going through designs and color schemes before making a final choice. These essential accessories are a reflection of our tastes and also add meaning to the rooms.

Importance of curtains
Curtains keep away direct sunlight from entering rooms and are a big energy saver as they provide cooling for the room. They also provide ambience in the room. After a long tiring day at work, you walk into your house, you need comfort and warmth. Your room color scheme aligned with curtains play a big role to provide a soothing effect. Other benefits of using curtains are:

* Prevent direct sunlight from entering the room and thus keeping home cool. Direct sunlight raises heat in the room and can also damage wooden furniture and other accessories in the house.

* Curtains also enhance security as they prevent people from peeping into the personal lives and using the information to their advantage. Man professional companies now provide motorized curtains as they create an illusion of someone inside when no one actually is.

* Curtains also enhance privacy, especially in apartments and complexes with minimal corridors and foot areas. They also provide comfort and a feeling of not being disturbed with vehicle movement and extra glare of light.

* These days you can opt for two layered curtains. One is opaque and thick while the other is somewhat semitransparent material. In daytime, you can open sheer curtain and draw thick ones together on both sides. So you can enjoy sunlight and nature through flimsy curtain and avoid glare at night by spreading the thick curtain.

Importance of window blinds

* Window blinds ensure privacy and help control the amount of sunlight that can enter your room. They might cost you more than curtains but are a class on its own. They offer privacy much better than curtains and enhance safety and security of your private space. If you’re looking for ultimate privacy, there’s nothing better than blinds.

* Blinds also enhance home decor as you can buy them in variety of patterns, styles and colors. So the countless options with blinds allow you to create whatever look you want to achieve in your living room kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom. There’s something within your budget.

* Window blinds create a welcoming feel and also help you save on your energy bills.

* There are numerous benefits of installing window blinds, and that includes many health benefits. As window blinds help control the amount of sunlight that can enter the room, headaches and eye strain are reduced to a great extent.

* Window blinds also help in keeping furniture from discoloration and fading. As they block out too much of sunlight, the upholstery in your sofas and chairs will no longer suffer over exposure, so you won’t have to change your furniture often.

It’s important to give attention to the size of windows, so that you buy the right kind of blinds. For large windows, commonly used in offices you can even have window blinds tailor-made. If you have pets or kids in the house, it’s best to opt for cordless blinds as they’re much safer and elegant.

Tips for choosing curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds make a room look lively and also provide a soothing effect based on prints, color and material chosen. You can fit curtains on rods or hang them into them. You can easily get variety of curtain rods these days. Be sure to choose a rod that can handle the weight of curtains round the clock and can also gel with the wall colors.

Full length curtains would look best on half height windows and would provide uniformity and will also look appealing. If your room is small, then use window size curtains and avoid multi-colored ones in the same room as they make room look small and crowded. Try to limit just two colors in one room.

Choose dark colors for curtains to make room look smaller as light won’t penetrate. Also make sure the flooring, wall and furniture are in perfect co-coordination with your curtains. So try to use neutral-colors.

Cotton fabric is best for curtains. You can easily give a royal look to your room by choosing silk or velvet. Choose suitable accessories to keep your curtains tied in place. You can use lining for curtains if you feel their thickness is insufficient. Lining will seal the back of the embroidered prints and zardosi work.


First you need to decide on the level of privacy you want. Do you want your room to be airy and bright or more “buttoned up”? If you have budget, go for blinds. You can spend more on some windows and scale back on others.

Wider horizontal slats create an illusion of bigger windows and more space in small rooms and apartments. Vertical blinds are best for windows that are wider than they are tall.

Shades are best if you are interested in tremendous versatility and style. They offer more ways to create different looks and moods using pattern, texture and fabric weight. You can opt for woven bamboo as it offers full, natural looking coverage and works well in breakfast nooks and garden rooms. Tight weaves (microsuede and twill) offer good privacy because they are opaque and work well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Honeycomb blinds are designed with horizontal rows of air pockets that work to keep the heat during winter and out during the summer. They are energy saves and favourites around the house.

Roman shades have wide, soft pleats that can fold flat when they’re raised with the help of a cord. They work well for living room, dining room and family room.

Solar blinds are made using sheer weave that offer full protection from harmful UV rays but won’t block your view. They are best for kids rooms, sunrooms, dining areas and light drenched offices.

Benefits of choosing a reliable curtain supplier

You can benefit from timely delivery of your curtains and blinds. This can be important if you’re working on a specific deadline. A good supplier offers full value for money and cheapest is not always the best! A reliable supplier will also help you choose the right curtains or blinds for your house. They also have a easy returns policy.

Getting a Quotation

You can go online to get quick quote for your requirements of curtains or blinds. Choose reliable suppliers that offer Singapore centric solutions. Your chosen supplier will offer best possible options at great prices and will also also ensure expert installation.