Where Can I Find The Top 3 Laundry Companies In Singapore?

When you are out looking for the right laundry company, you will need to ensure that you choose one that can offer the rights services to you. The company should have a good reputation and must have been in the industry for a long time.

Best places to look for a good laundry company in Singapore
-The neighbourhood. Start by asking around the neighbourhood, and ensure that you find a company that serves you with perfection. You can also ask your workmate or friends to suggest to you the best company for your laundry services.

– The local directory. You can also use the local, web directory to check out the highly-rated laundry company around the country, or around you.

– The internet. Another place to find the best laundry company is the internet. You can Google the best companies that offer the laundry services, you can also use the social media to identify the best company to hire.

– The media. Some companies advertise their services in newspapers, on the TV, and on the radio. You can use these media to find the best laundry company in Singapore.
What are the best laundry companies in Singapore?
Even as you use these places to find the most reliable company to offer you with the right service, here are the best three companies to consider when you want the best services.

1. Mrs. Laundry Singapore – http://www.mrslaundry.com.sg/laundry.html

This is a company that has been developed to offer you with the best laundry services. It is also among the well-known companies in the country. It offers several dry cleaning and laundry services to different customers. Mrs Laundry Singapore offers different services, and they clean clothes, and other fabrics around the house. The company is made up of highly-trained professionals that work towards giving you the best service that you need. Regardless of the material and fabric that you might have, the company will help clean it with elegance. They use certified cleaning products that help you maintain the quality of your clothes. The company is also punctual and you can depend on them when you need quick cleaning services for your clothes.

They offer both commercial and residential services, so you can expect them to serve you with elegance and professionalism. Other than the cleaning services, they offer pickup and delivery services for your laundry, so you can save time and money when you hire them. If you are ever busy, then this is the perfect company to hire when you need the laundry services. They also have professional customer services, so you can depend on them for the service that you need.

2. @bsolute Laundry – http://www.absolutelaundry.com.sg/

Many people know Absolute as one of the most versatile companies in Singapore. It doesn’t only offer the laundry services, but it also deals with other services like pickup and delivery, appliance installation, and servicing, among others. When you hire this company, you enjoy services that come in different forms. It has been around for over 15 years and stands as one of the most knowledgeable companies in Singapore. The company doesn’t just take care of your laundry, but it also gives you tips on taking care of your clothes and how to find the best company to take care of your laundry services. @bsolute Laundry will take care of different clothes and fabrics, so you can be sure of having an absolute service delivery. It deals with different customers, which has made them more experienced in the field.

The company offers both commercial and residential cleaning services, so you can also hire it when you need to clean some fabrics in your business. The company is well-equipped with different cleaning materials, and they will report to your residence with a van filled with the right tools and equipment or the job. Another thing about Absolute Laundry is that they offer some of the most affordable cleaning services. Their laundry services are cheap and high-quality. They offer other services like sofa cleaning, part-time maid, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, among others. You can be sure of getting the right cleaning services for your laundry. Their customer service is also highly dependable, and you can be sure of getting the service that you need. They are available on Twitter and Facebook, so you can follow their latest news and ask them when you have anything in mind. Their response to complaints and orders is amazing, which makes it a top company to consider.

3. Singapore Dry Cleaning – http://www.drycleaning.com.sg/services.html

This is another company that is well known to deliver high-quality laundry services in Singapore. The company is highly-rated for its dry cleaning services, but it also offers high-quality general laundry services. You can depend on them to deliver quick services that are also highly rated. It is also a one-stop company that offers different cleaning services around the house, even in your business. The company has a good experience in the industry, and it stands as one of the longest-serving cleaning service companies in Singapore.

The services offered at Singapore Dry Cleaning come at reasonable and super-friendly costs. Other than the company offering cheap services, the company is available around-the-clock. You can call them whenever you need their services. Their response time is incredible, and they are among the best companies to consider when you need professional laundry services.

The customer service of the company is also impressive, and you can connect with them through Twitter or Facebook. With this, you can send your complaint or compliments directly to the company. There is nothing to worry about when you hire Singapore Dry Cleaning. Everything is taken care of by the company, and you can also learn more about how you can take good care of your laundry.


These are the top companies that you should hire when you want professional laundry services. The best thing about them is that they offer their services at remarkable prices. This allows you to hire them without worrying about spending too much money. They are also well known around the country, so you can ask anywhere about them, and you will get positive reviews of their services.