Custom Made Curtain

Weather in Singapore is always hot and humid. All houses in Singapore will normally install an aircon to escape those heats. However, do you know that installing curtains can also cool down your room temperature?

Curtains does play major role in balancing between light and dark intensities in your room.

Different people tolerance level to the sunlight varies from one to one. Thus, curtains have the mechanism of sliding along the curtain rod or metal tracking, so you could freely adjust the flow of sunlight in your room accordingly.

The secondary function of curtains will be as a decorative item. Decoration can be dictated on the curtain through alteration of colour, fabric design and thickness, stitching design etc. If you need a more elaborated design, you can always opt of embroidery design on the curtain’s fabric. Oriental or Asian designs tend to use huge curtain’s fabric to standout its beauty on the opening about in where the curtains are hung.

Day curtain or shawl fabric with light colour and the transparency in the fabric also play a part in the design of the curtain. Having sunlight flooding in your room but not too overflowing, a day curtain with translucent light colour can do the trick by creating a great ambience in your room.

Normally, Singaporeans will do both day and night curtain in a set. Day curtain will be used in the daytime to filter sunlight flowing in your room while night curtain used at night time to block out the outdoor street light flowing in your room to ensure better sleeping quality or to have a better privacy in your room. As mostly Singaporeans are staying in HDB flats and flats are built in way which is relatively close to each other, thus privacy among flats is very low.

Curtain also can be used to divide dining area and living room to provide some privacy within the whole house. This way can thus save some extra cost from erecting a short wall or even a partition and will also make your whole area look big and spacious. A mini gathering, just draw up the curtain to create more room space.

To conclude, curtains have many advantages and there are many creative ways to decorate your room with them or any space in your house.