What You Need To Know About Buying Curtains In Singapore

Curtains are an essential aspect of a room. They serve aesthetic and functional purposes. When they are included in a room by considering the overall interior design of the room, they serve their role in making the room more appealing. They greatly enhance the ambiance of a room when selected after careful consideration of the decor of a room. Their functional role is to keep outsiders from seeing the inside of a room and thus maintain some privacy. They also help in the control of light in a space. There are various types of curtains, mainly defined according to their function.

Here are some of the more common different kinds you will find available in Singapore
1. Night curtains

These curtains come in categories of black out, dim out, and normal curtains. These types of curtains are the most common around the world. They are made with heavy weighted in fabrics for optimal opaqueness. The materials used to make these curtains are also sound absorbent. At night, they give a room maximum privacy as those behind the curtains outside cannot see inside a room. They keep your room dark when you want it. They are ideal for any room where darkness or privacy is desired such as in your bedroom when you need to sleep. Often they come with day curtains because natural light may be desired in a room while maintaining privacy, during hours of daylight. This night curtains tend to block all natural light and so are unsuitable when you want to allow in natural light.

2. Day curtains

Unlike night curtains, day curtains are not as common, even in Singapore. Lightweight sheer fabrics such as lace or organza are used to make these curtains. These materials prevent a person outside a room from seeing inside, while someone inside can see through the curtains. They help maintain the privacy in a space while allowing in natural light. Another important function of day curtains is that they help in temperature control of a room by keeping the sun’s rays from falling into a room and warming it. They disperse light. Day curtains are not suitable for night time as they do not allow enough privacy. Night curtains come with any purchase of these curtains. Most people however, do not purchase day curtains.

3. Motorized curtains
These curtains are ideal for high up, or hard to reach windows where pulling draperies is not easy. However, they are popular even among those with easy to reach windows. They are luxurious and classy, and as the name suggests, the curtains are controlled by use of a button. Modern motorized curtain systems available in Singapore are quiet and function smoothly. With this technology, curtains are not handled often, which increases their lifespan.

4. Fire Retardant Curtains

Curtains of this type deter fire and prevent its spread. These kinds should meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). They are popular in rooms where a fire is a likely hazard such as at factories, commercial and construction spaces. However, other places such as nursing homes also use such curtains.

The above four are the more common types of curtains you will find available in Singapore. These curtains come in different sewn designs. Knowing the designs available can help you chose what curtain you may want. Outlined below are the more common sewing designs used on curtains.

– Double, triple or French pleats

As the name suggests, this is usually a pleated design. Curtains made in this way are chic and classy and often complement either modern or traditional decor in a space.

– Ripple fold

Ripple fold curtains have sewed into them soft identical folds that are ripple like and that flow smoothly from end to end. These are suitable for large spaces. They compliment decor by creating a neat look. They are economical as they are easy to clean. They are mainly found in commercial environments.

– Cafe curtains

Here, the curtain is attached to sliding rings which are inserted into a rod. This type of curtain design does not offer much privacy. The design allows a lot of natural light to flow into a room. The design creates a very relaxed atmosphere in a room.

From the above, you can decide on the type of curtain you want. Or, you may still need a little help in deciding which one to go with. If you are shopping for a curtain, you will now need to get a supplier who can assist you. You will need to choose a good curtain supplier who will give you value for your money, excellent sales and after sales service. There are many good curtain suppliers in Singapore.

Here is a check-list to help you decide on the most suitable one for you
– Is experienced in the curtains business and so is able to advise you accordingly

It is okay to check how long they have been in the industry to help you decide on their experience. A professional experienced curtain supplier will save you money and time.

– Curtains supplier

A suitable curtains supplier should not just have the best quality in materials for you to choose from, he should also have a selection. If the curtain supplier is able to source a variety of good quality materials, it indicates he is able to make you a good offer.

– A good curtains supplier is professional

This cannot be over-emphasized. He should not rush you to make a choice which you will perhaps not like later. He guides you through the process until you make a suitable decision. He has a variety of services to choose from and does not offer you just curtain supply. An ideal curtains supplier should be good in other areas such as interior design. This should come in handy to help you in choosing the right curtains to go with the furnishing in your room.

– He is reliable to keep his word and will deliver in a timely manner

If your curtains supplier has met all the conditions outlined above, this will perhaps not be difficult for him to meet. You will need to confirm that your curtains supplier will deliver when he said he will. At times you may be working with a deadline, and you may not want a supplier who disrupts your total schedule.

Now you have a lot of information that will help you in making your purchase of curtains in Singapore. Remember when choosing a curtain to not just consider its functionality, but also how it compliments the decor in a room. Pick your ideal curtains supplier and go out there and go get your curtain here in right here in Singapore.