Why Choose Us As Your Part Time Maid Agency?

Singapore Curtains is an accredited and licensed part time maid agency that has beaten all the odds to become a trusted agency in Singapore. Helm by well trained experts who are experienced in the industry, we seek to ensure that our clients benefits from the dedication and efficiency of the maids that our company recruits. Basically, our maids are well trained to ensure that they can handle various chores with minimal supervision. When you choose us, rest assured that everything will be well taken care of in your home.

It is a fact that most affiliated training centers in Singapore provide relevant skills to domestic helpers but you have every reason to choose us because out maids are trained using a different approach. Our maids have been trained to be able to incorporate the Singaporean cultural practices within the social fabrics of families. In simple terms, this means you will have an easy time working with your part time maid since the maid has the skills that will facilitate quick adjustment to the new environment.

We conduct independent psychological assessment tests so as to determine the suitability of all our maids. This is meant to reduce the chances of inconveniences to you – the employer. It is only after critically assessing the results of the tests that we recommend a maid to an employer.

Our company uses updated technology to train the maids. Regardless of the appliances and equipment that you use in your home, rest assured that no damages will be caused by our maids. We constantly equip the service providers with the necessary skills that are necessary to operate the latest forms of appliances that enter the market.

Our values

Our selection process is personalized. This is meant to ensure that we recruit committed and responsible domestic assistants that will deliver.

Our company maintains the best standard guidelines as well as stringent measures to ensure that our customers get the best. Our company commits itself to providing adorable customer care with a cordial attitude.

The training programs that we offer will minimize the adjustment stress as well as psychological upheavals that the maid experiences on arrival at your home.

At Singaporecurtains, we never compromise on quality. We commit ourselves towards improving the standards of helpers because we believe that by supplying competent helpers, we will be sure of satisfied clients.

Don’t also forget that our maids are certified by Singapore government agency and therefore you should not doubt the professionalism of our services.

Employing a part time maid is an investment that pays. This is because you will be able to get plenty of time to do other constructive activities. Did you know that time is a pricey asset? Well, then you need to make good use of it before it runs out. Honestly, 24 hours in a day is not enough for a hardworking individual. You will hardly have enough time to look after your home, do business and work not unless you want to lead a stressful life. The simple answer to solve the problem is to get a maid who will assist you at home.