5 Ways To Choose The Right Drapes For Your Living Room?

Your home is and should be your haven for peace and comfort. Therefore it is advisable to ensure that you decorate it as you well please and ensure that all the details suit your taste and preference. Curtains are said to be the binding factor of a living room and this is absolutely true. If well thought of, it finds a way of holding the interior decor together and at the same time gives you privacy. However, it is important to ensure that you shop with certain qualities in mind.

1. Consider the Color
The color of the drapes that you decide to go by should compliment or match the existing color scheme of the living room. Curtains that clash will easily ruin your living room’s appeal hence no justice for your home at all. On the other hand it is advisable to shop keeping in mind that curtains easily fade with time due to exposure to the sun. The drapes have first hand contact with sunlight hence suffering the consequences. Bright colors tend to fade faster than any other color so it is advisable to settle for neutral colors.

2. Type of Fabric

Always go for fabric that gives your curtains body which in turn helps them tapper well. If you want to keep the heat in, it is advisable to have your curtains lined. This way, heat is retained in the room and light is also restricted. Some fabrics are better off lined and this includes silk otherwise they will easily rot. For a substitute, it is advisable to go for faux silk. It is also best to go for fabric that does not fade and is easy to clean.

3. Desirable Length

It is always best to shop with the size of your windows in mind in order to have your curtains made in the correct measurement. This also depends on the effect you want your living room to have. If you have a low lying ceiling then long curtains will add height to the walls. This is also the case when you want to make your walls wider. If you have a small spaced living room, longer and wider curtains will make the room appear bigger. You can also go for shorter drapes if the floor is usually dusty to avoid unnecessary cleaning.

4. Suitable Design

To make a decision on whether you want your curtains custom made or ready made. Some people have very creative ideas and better understand their living room needs better than anyone else. This makes it easy for them to instruct the designer on the exact details and effects they want their curtains to have. On the other hand you can invite a designer to survey your living room and make the drapes according to their expertise or simply get them ready made. The latter saves you time and money.

5. Price

There is absolutely no need to empty your bank account in order to buy curtains. Work within your budget but it is also advisable to do justice to your sitting room with worthy curtains. If you have expensive furniture and décor then go for high quality curtains that are likely to cost a little bit more than ordinary drapes.

Your living room will never be the same again especially if you find the best and most suitable drapes to hold the room together.