6 Useful Tips On Made To Measure Curtains For HDB

A made to measure is a term given to a fabric that has been sewn from a base pattern of a normal size. Basically, a made to measure curtain is one that is made from a normal sized base pattern. They are specifically made to fit the customization of your windows of your HDB unit. They come in different design and color. Some are bold, others are neutral, some are patterned, while others are plain. You will get to choose your personal style and one that will fit perfectly in your house. Here are some important tips for the made to measure curtains for your HDB unit.

1. Choose The Right Fabric For Your House

You must start by choosing the right fabric to use in your HDB. When you visit the curtain specialists, you will most probably find multiply of fabrics that you can choose from. As you are choosing the fabric, be more cautious to select the right fabric for your house. You might want to test the fabric in your room or whichever area you want to use it, before buying it. Make sure that you choose a material that can last for longer. Also, choose the material according to where you will be using it. For instance, the curtain that is used in the living room will catch dust quickly, compared to other areas. Since they catch dust easily, they will be washed more frequently. Such a fabric must therefore be tough enough to last for long. The material must be easy to maintain and clean, so choose wisely.

2. Consider The Preferred Design

When you have your fabric chosen, you will then need to choose the right design for your curtains. Most of the HDB houses have plain paint on the wall, which means that the design will be more open. Despite the wall being plain, it is intimated to choose a design that is more captivating. You should have curtains that will bring out an elegant display in the rooms of the HDB unit. The theme of the curtain is also open and you can choose whichever curtain that you want. You can find a huge range of curtain designs from the curtain specialists, who can help you choose the perfect design for you.

3. Choose The Right Lining

Choosing lining for your made to measure curtains will help to protect it. The lining helps to block the direct sunlight from devastating the curtains. Also, it helps to enhance the insulation in your house, especially if it is cold. There are a number of linings that you can find for your curtains. Some of them include blackout, which is made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. The Blackout lining has been coated with a special block out light, which limits the light from entering the house. It will fit in the bedroom perfectly. The thermal lining is made of 48% cotton and 52% polyester and it has a special coat that keeps in the heat and prevents the cold from entering the house. The Solprufe lining is made of 100% cotton and it has a smooth finish, perfect for the living room.

4. Find The Preferred Style

Other than the design, you can choose the style that suits you and your HDB unit perfectly. There are three major styles of made to measure curtains that you can use in your unit. They include the following:
– Pencil Pleats. This one is a traditional uniform pleat that will offer fullness to the heading of your made to measure curtains.
– Eyelets. This one has a head that will be used only with one single curtain pole, which will be suitable if you need more natural light in the house.
– Pinch Pleats. This is a unique style that will either have a matching fabric that is covered with buttons, or it might not have them.
Choose the right style that will suit you and one that will match with the entire living room.

5. Take Good Care Of Them

In order to make your curtains longer, you will need to take good care of them. This implies that you must keep them clean at all times. Cleaning the curtains doesn’t necessarily mean that you must immerse them in the water. Rather, you can dust them with a whisker, which will help to keep the dust on the surfaces away. You can then clean them with water after two weeks or so, depending on how dirty they are. Cleaning them more frequently might destroy the quality of the curtain. Ensure that they are well ironed before you store them. This will ensure that the fabrics are well lined and there will not be any creases when you are putting them back. Use the right detergents for the curtains and ensure that you have washed them in the right manner, especially if you are using a washing machine. This will help to keep the fabric stronger for longer.

6. Weigh The Prices

When you are out in search of a good made to measure curtains for your HDB unit, you must ensure that you have gone through all the available prices. You need to choose a set of curtains that is within your range. Avoid choosing expensive curtains if you cannot maintain them. And also, choose curtains that are worth the price. If you choose a cheaper curtain, then you must ensure that the quality is high and it must be durable enough. The prices of all the curtains that you choose must be reasonable and they must match the quality of the given curtain.


The made to measure curtain must be well taken care of and they should also be selected correctly. You should have several selections, so that you can use each when you change the other. Avoid using the same curtain over and over, since it will wear out faster. But if you have a set of them, you can keep one as you use another. These curtains will perfectly fit in your HDB unit and they will make it look more elegant, since they are customized, unlike most of the ready made curtains.