Curtain VS Blinds For Condo

Condos are an integral part of Singapore and a big number of people call these condos their home. The most amazing thing about condos is that you can get great luxury in it and you can decorate it as per your choice. People don’t find many trouble in the decoration part for most of the things, but when it comes about the selection of curtain or blinds for their condos, then they find it impossible to choose it easily. People always remain in dilemma for this particular situation and they don’t get any solution properly. Here, I am sharing a comparison of curtain VS blinds for Condo and you can take your decision accordingly.

Light control:

If you want to control the light in your house in a more controlled manner, then you can never do that with the help of curtains. You can either open the curtain or you can close it, but you may never control the amount of light entry in your house. This limitation goes away with blinds because you can certainly have better control on light. If you want to have some light in your room without losing the privacy part then you can do that easily. You can open or close the blinds as per the amount of light required in your house and then you can control it easily. You may not have this liberty with the help of curtains.


Although both the options can give complete privacy to you, but blinds win the race with some margin. If you want to get the privacy with curtain, then you will have to close it completely and you may not get any light inside your house. This will be not a good thing for you if you intend to use the natural light without compromising your privacy. At the other hand, if you will use blinds, then this problem will not affect you much. You can have horizontal blinds in your room and you can use it to control the privacy and light both. You can keep it slightly open that will allow the light to enter into your room, but it will not compromise with your privacy in any part. So, it is ok to say that blinds will help you get more privacy in your house compared to curtain.


As far as maintenance part is concerned, curtain requires much more efforts in proper maintenance compared to blinds. Curtain often gets dirty very quickly and once it gets dirty, then you will have wash it back for usage. Also, continuous washing will take away its colour and soon you might need to change the curtain to maintain the good look. Other than this, you may also need to have two pairs of curtain because it will take some time for drying the curtain after washing it. But if you will use blinds, then this issue will never both you in any condition. It is always easy to maintain your blinds without any complication and you can certainly get the best outcome with that having no troubles at all. To maintain your blinds, you only need to wash is carefully and you can hang is back without any time wasting. Also, you don’t have to wash it again and again that make it an option that is easy to maintain.


In terms of cost, blinds are always costlier than curtain. If you will choose blinds for your window, then you will have to invest more money for same. At least you need to pay higher amount for same at initial level. At the other hand, if you will use curtain for your window, then you don’t need to pay much money for same. Initially, you can start with a small amount and cost of the curtain is never too high. Also, you can simply share whatever you have in your mind and you can choose colors and patter accordingly. In other words, it is also safe to say, if you don’t have a very strong budget, then you can start with curtain as you can get it in almost every budget. That makes it the best and the most amazing solution for having some privacy in your home.


Durability wise curtain is not as good as blinds can be. Since, you will have to wash your blinds on regular manner, so it is going to give complications to you. Also, over a period of time, you may need to change your curtain again and again for washing else it will look very fade and shabby. So, if we talk about the durability factor, then curtain will not be a durable option for you because you will have to change it again and again in some time. Other side, blinds will not have this kind of complications and you can easily use the same blinds for several years. To use it for several years, you only need to take good care of your blinds and it will neither look very dirty in your room, not it will have any damage in it.

Aesthetic factor:

At this point, selection of curtain or blinds completely depends on the type of look that you want to have. If you want to have a modern and stylish look, then blinds will be a better option for you. With the help of blinds, you can certainly get the best look that will help you have a good outcome with ease. And if you want more contemporary and traditional look then you should think about choosing curtain for your home. With curtain you can add a feeling of traditional touch in your house and you can enhance the aesthetic value of your house accordingly.

So, I already gave a comparison between curtain vs blinds for your home and now you can take your decision accordingly. If you feel blinds will be suitable option for you, then you can go ahead and use that otherwise you will always have the option of choosing curtain for your home.