Pros & Cons Of Window Curtains

Window treatments are an essential component of decorating a room. A bare window can make a room feel barren, cold and without class. There are many options when it comes to window treatments, with each one catering to different tastes, requirements and budgets. The most common of these choices are blinds and window curtains. Though blinds are also popular among many households in Singapore, window curtains have taken the lead in popularity over the last few decades. They are a cost effective and easy way to enhance the beauty of a room without occupying extra space or making the room look cramped.
Widow curtains are available in various designs and shades and can blend well into any room décor and upholstery. Though blinds are a modern form of widow treatments, window curtains are classic and have a different charm altogether. They make for an excellent and effective way to block sunlight and ensure maximum privacy from the outside world.

Pros of widow curtains

Widow curtains are a cost effective way of giving any room a more artistic look. By choosing an appropriate design and shade, you can make even the dullest of rooms come alive and looking beautiful.
This form of window treatment is more effective in blocking out sunlight than blinds which make the room feel hot, especially during those hot summer days.
Widow curtains also make the room warmer during winters than blinds. They give a room a cozier look that adds an extra charm to your home.
Widow curtains also come in more designs than blinds. Though blinds are available in various shades, white being the most common, most often than not they are available in one solid color without much patterns or designs. Widow curtains, on the other hand, are available in a variety of shades and come with elegant and sophisticated patterns.
There’s no chance of the functioning of curtains being damaged by kids playing around whereas in blinds the opening and closing mechanism often gets damaged and calls for extra maintenance.

Cons of widow curtains

Widow curtains take up more space than blinds which could make a small room look even smaller. Having window curtains in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom make them more susceptible to mould and stains.
The cleaning and maintaining of window curtains could be time consuming and a tedious task. If these curtains are not cleaned regularly, it could lead to the accumulation of dust. Moreover, cleaning widow curtains are far more expensive than simply cleaning blinds with a wiper.
Widow curtains could be a real problem for households that have small, playful children around. They could easily hide behind big window curtains, making it difficult for their parents to find them.
All in all, widow curtains are by far the best option for households with priorities like sun block, privacy and artistic look of a room coming first. However, for those who don’t like spending too much time and effort on cleaning and maintenance, blinds could be a better option. It is always go to weigh in the pros and cons of window curtains before coming up with a final decision.